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by ticketprinting on May 28, 2010

Corporate sponsorship.

They very idea is enough to strike fear into the hearts of some idealists. But you need not compromise yourself, your organisation, or your principles, simply because a larger company has offered you money in return for slapping their logo on some of your publicity materials. Schools do it; sports teams do it; and you can do it without hassle, if your cause is a worthy one.

Many corporations are already looking for charitable organisations to support. It looks good for them: they appear to be giving back to the community, acting with a social consciousness, and redistributing their wealth. So, if your group has long hosted a fundraising event, or if you are only testing the waters, consider finding a successful, for-profit company to help you along. They may be willing to make a sizable donation to your cause, and they ask very little in return.

If you have accepted corporate sponsorship, you will have to make some small concessions, but it amounts to little more than passing along a word from your sponsor. When you print your publicity materials, you will want to add your sponsor’s logo. Many Event Tickets allow you to add sponsor logos right on the ticket template; the same goes for certain pre-designed publicity Posters. You can write your thanks in any programme or other printed materials to be distributed to your guests. You can thank them out loud when you make announcements at the event itself.

Even if your sponsor wants a bigger hand in branding the event, you still come out ahead. Many companies will be eager to offer you hundreds of pounds of free merchandise to be distributed however you see fit. Items such as T-shirts or water bottles imprinted with the sponsor logo will be coveted by your guests as favours. If your sponsor offers free products, you can pass them on to your guests knowing that everyone wins: your sponsor receives positive publicity, you create a bigger budget, and your guests go home will all kinds of valuable, and free, prizes!

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