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Getting the RSVP | Event Ticket Printing

Getting the RSVP

by ticketprinting on March 19, 2014

Are you planning a summer event and stressing over the number of people who will attend? Do you live in an area where people hold off on saying yes to an event? Sending a strong, memorable message in the invitation can certainly help you nail down that attendance number, making your overall event planning much, much easier.

Create Incentives for Early RSVPs — People love to save money, even for fundraising events. Creating a tiered pricing strategy based on when guests RSVP can motivate guests to reserve their spots sooner than later. Make sure to mention this on social media as that first deadline draws nearer so guests will reserve their spots!

Send a Paper Invitation — How many event invitations do you receive by email or facebook? If you open them, how long do you look at them? We receive so many emails these days, that we’ve become accustomed to scanning them quickly and moving on to the next. But making that small investment in a tangible invitation shows so much to your guest. Make your next event stand out with a custom invitation or browse our many themes at http://www.ukticketprinting.co.uk/. Getting the right invitation can lead to a quick RSVP!

Invite VIPs Early — Inviting special guests early has a few benefits. Of course, knowing about something before anyone else can certainly make someone feel special. You’ll also be creating an early buzz about your event, which can help secure RSVPs after the first wave. Encourage your VIPs to get their friends on board and watch the guests list grow.

Use Strong, Action-Oriented Words — When writing the invitation, think about how you want your guests to feel when attending this event. Do you want them to have fun? Donate lots of money? Participate in a race? Use words that move people towards action — fun, hot, compete, celebrate, enjoy. Invoking feelings and using the right words can definitely impact how quickly a guest will act.

Event planning can be stressful. While you have your checklists, unknown obstacles can pop up any moment. Having a realistic idea of the number of guests for your event can create a peace of mind and assurance that will carry on into the event itself. Sending the right invitation to the right people at the right price can lead to event success!

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