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Better to Give than Receive? - Event Ticket Printing | Event Ticket Printing

Better to Give than Receive?

by ticketprinting on June 25, 2010

Let’s step away, for a moment from our typical discussion of how you can sell Event Tickets. Rather, let’s examine whether you may, in some cases, want to give away Event Tickets. Of course, your concert, performance, or other event is you product, and you do want to sell and make money from it, but, in the long run, you can get quite a bit of mileage from giveaway offers.

A friend of mine runs a circus troupe, and has had excellent luck offering a free Event Ticket to patrons who bring a certain number of paying guests. Clowns and other performers walk through the town on the day before the show, providing free advertisement for the circus, and offering interested parties a coupon for free admission if they convince 3 friends to attend the evening’s performance. This increases attendance exponentially! Some venues will also offer 2-for-1 deals. If you are having trouble filling seats, this is an excellent way to expand your base and encourage those who otherwise could not afford a ticket to become a fan.

If your event is to be large, or part of a bigger constellation of events, consider some form of corporate sponsorship, in which the purchase of a particular item nets the consumer a free ticket. Again, this helps to generate interest in your show and can be mutually beneficial for you and the company with which you enter into this agreement. Local businesses may be willing to work out such a deal, as it will increase their traffic.

Completely free tickets are ideal for events where there will be vendors, including food and T-shirt sales, along with corporate sponsors. Waive the cost of admission and your guests will have more money to spend on concessions, souvenirs, games, rides, and other features of the event. Or, offer free tickets to a particular group whose attendance would help your organisation: doctors for a health event, for instance. Free tickets for veterans, students, or children can also help.

Selling Event Tickets can be hard work, but giving them away is easy!

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