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Ticket Templates

After the Show It’s the After Party

by ticketprinting on September 14, 2012

How to Host a Great After Party for Merge Festival 2012

The second annual Merge Festival 2012 is coming to London soon. Starting on 19 September and going until 21 October, this month-long celebration of Bankside’s regeneration will feature an intriguing mixture of art, theatre and live music that no one in their right mind will want to miss.

Many of the events that are set to take place will be free, which means that this festival is likely to attract a wide range of people.

With such an interesting mix of culture culminating in London this month, and with many of the events at the Merge Festival being free to attend, why not keep the ball rolling, and host a great after party?

Please Don’t Stop the Music!

Have you ever been to a great concert or show, and after you’re through dancing and music ends, you’re just not ready to go home for the night? We’ve all been there. Young or old, there are always people who want the party to go on. Well, give the people what they want!

Keep the party going when you host an after party for the Bankside Merge Festival 2012. You’ve got plenty of time to do it with the Festival going on for the next month, so take your time and pick the right night.

If you know some local bands in the area, you can keep the music playing by having them jam at your party. Host it at a local pub or right in your own home if you have the room. Whatever you do, keep the music playing for the music fans who didn’t get enough at the Merge.

Not Free, but CHEAP

While you likely won’t be able to host your after party for free, you CAN do it cheaply! Start with the Event Tickets. Find an online template that suits your fancy, have them conveniently printed for you and shipped FAST, as soon as you approve the proof.

If you can’t find a template that works for your after party, try designing your own. It won’t add a lot of extra cost to your party planning, and it just might make all the difference when you’re selling your Event Tickets.

Whatever you do, you’ll want to do it cheaply, so the music fans can purchase tickets that won’t break their piggy bank, and everyone can party until the sun comes up!




Meta Description


Meta Keywords


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Holiday? Celebrate!

by ticketprinting on July 16, 2010

Summertime is outdoor time, and now is the right time to start selling Event Tickets for your big end-of-summer celebration. What will it be? According to our customers, the most popular events are:

If you simply can’t decide, your smart option is to let your fans, customers, or guests decide for you. Make the process as formal or as informal as you like. For instance, you can open your next meeting up to a vote by the general assembly. You can create an online poll on your website, where interested parties can anonymously vote for their favourite choice. You can ask a select group of members to make the decision, or you can ring up some influential voices and let those popular members lead the crowd.

Once you’ve made the decision, it’s time to book the venue (if necessary) and start printing Event Kits. Determine what type of pre-event publicity you will require. Will you advertise with Posters, or only send Invitations to a select group? When you print your Event Tickets online, you can create matching documents for VIP passes, Drink Tickets (which can also be customised for other food sales, so that those in charge of concessions need not worry about counting money and making change while a queue of hungry guests forms), and, of course, Raffle Tickets, if you’d like to earn a little extra money before the day is over.

Whatever you choose, start planning now! Make this summer the most successful summer yet for your organisation.

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Summer Tickets on Ice!

by ticketprinting on July 11, 2010

Summer holidays getting a bit sticky? Fancy a quick chill? If the mercury is rising along with tempers within your organisation, use a little cooling psychology. Why not create a winter-themed event to help your compatriots stay cool through those long, hot day?

You could try a Christmas-in-July (or August) event, surely popular with young people. Complete with ornaments, lights, and presents, it’s a surefire fundraising activity to beat the summertime blues. Crank up the air conditioning, blow the cobwebs off your Santa suit and start selling Event Tickets for a summer celebration. It’s a true opportunity to create some real joy, which is the best way to kick off any fundraising activity.

Or, recreate the majesty of the mountains. You can even rent a snow machine and churn out some of the cold, white stuff for a unique summertime event. Let the children make snow angels, snow men, and snowballs, and slide down the snow-covered hills. Sell snow cones or ice lollies and help everyone cool off. It’s a thrilling, chilling way to enjoy the best that winter has to offer at the time of year when a little taste of winter would truly be welcome.

Mountaineering associations pair perfectly with such an event, but, with the addition of a few strings of Prayer Flags, this could be a wonderful fundraiser for Tibet. Some fine chocolate turns it into a tie-in with a planned trip to the Swiss Alps. With the right posters and speakers, you have an attractive educational program on other mountains of the world. Just raise your elevation and you can elevate your Event Ticket sales!

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This Message Brought to You by…

by ticketprinting on May 28, 2010

Corporate sponsorship.

They very idea is enough to strike fear into the hearts of some idealists. But you need not compromise yourself, your organisation, or your principles, simply because a larger company has offered you money in return for slapping their logo on some of your publicity materials. Schools do it; sports teams do it; and you can do it without hassle, if your cause is a worthy one.

Many corporations are already looking for charitable organisations to support. It looks good for them: they appear to be giving back to the community, acting with a social consciousness, and redistributing their wealth. So, if your group has long hosted a fundraising event, or if you are only testing the waters, consider finding a successful, for-profit company to help you along. They may be willing to make a sizable donation to your cause, and they ask very little in return.

If you have accepted corporate sponsorship, you will have to make some small concessions, but it amounts to little more than passing along a word from your sponsor. When you print your publicity materials, you will want to add your sponsor’s logo. Many Event Tickets allow you to add sponsor logos right on the ticket template; the same goes for certain pre-designed publicity Posters. You can write your thanks in any programme or other printed materials to be distributed to your guests. You can thank them out loud when you make announcements at the event itself.

Even if your sponsor wants a bigger hand in branding the event, you still come out ahead. Many companies will be eager to offer you hundreds of pounds of free merchandise to be distributed however you see fit. Items such as T-shirts or water bottles imprinted with the sponsor logo will be coveted by your guests as favours. If your sponsor offers free products, you can pass them on to your guests knowing that everyone wins: your sponsor receives positive publicity, you create a bigger budget, and your guests go home will all kinds of valuable, and free, prizes!

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Define Yourself

by ticketprinting on April 17, 2010

How do you define your organisation? How do you define your event?

Your advance publicity materials, including your Event Ticket, are visual cues to your guests. A proper image helps define your group, your mission, and the theme of your gathering both to returning supporters as well as potential new members.

Are your guests interested in design? The environment? Beauty? Appeal to them on the appropriate level by choosing imagery that speaks to their desires. Choose from 100s of Event Ticket templates and find the one that is most likely to capture the imagination of those who are considering attending your event, supporting your efforts, and aligning themselves with your cause.

There exists a wide gulf between a simple printed messages and a brilliant design. Even the most staid academics will appreciate the draw of a stunning calligraphic font on a coloured background. Athletes prefer athletic themes.

Don’t settle for something plain and unremarkable. When you’re hosting an event, you want supporters to remark upon your Event Tickets and other advance print publicity. Consider your audience. Make it special. Make it lovely.

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The Printed Word

by ticketprinting on March 22, 2010

Although I work on the Internet, I live in the real world. Although most of the words I write appear as pixels on a video monitor, my favorite words are printed in ink on processed wood pulp. Indeed, I love books, and as such, I can’t help loving a book festival!

What a lovely warm-weather event! Any size town can easily host it. First, consider the purveyors of the printed word in your area: newspapers, magazine, book shops, and publishers. Most of these groups will be pleased to participate and even to sponsor the event, as it provides them extra exposure and a simple way to connect with customers. Schools and universities will likely want to get in on the fun, particularly if they have strong writing programs.

Next, you will want to contact any local authors, any authors with ties to your town, and finally, any authors willing to make the journey to your festival. Once you have firm commitments from everyone in the writing industry, you can add all the food vendors and musicians you like! Schedule book signings, public readings, and perhaps a writing contest in advance. If you plan to charge for attendance, start selling Event Tickets in advance. Or, pass them out for free, and get plenty of publicity!

Send Invitations and hang Posters and Fliers about town. Contact all the local media outlets with press releases and, if you can afford it, take out some advertisements as well. Drink Tickets, such as the one reproduces above, are wonderful incentives to encourage festival-goers to attend.

On the day of your book festival, hope for clear skies and pat yourself on the back. You’ve helped save humanity from ignorance and illiteracy, and you’ve provided a wonderful and intelligent day for book lovers everywhere.

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To Brand or Not to Brand

by ticketprinting on January 22, 2010

Has your organisation acquired its own logo?

Your logo–a distinct design that encapsulates both the name and mission of your group–is an instant way to achieve brand recognition. The image should be striking, memorable, and often amusing. Think of it this way: have you ever seen a small child, one who has not yet learned to read, decode the McDonald’s or Coca-Cola logo (and then beg for the product)? While we can’t all hope for this degree of success, we can all develop a logo that is easily recognisable and visually describes something about our mission.

Have you any amateur artists on your staff? People who doodle in the margins of their memos? Perhaps they already have some ideas for you. If not, you may want to hire a professional artist or graphic designer. Prices will vary, but if you haven’t much money, perhaps you can barter goods or services, or else find a young artist just starting out. Perhaps you know an art student, or a colleague’s teenager with a talent for art.

Once you have your logo, you can add it to everything. Fortunately, many Event Kits allow you to upload your logo onto predesigned ticket templates, so you can customise everything associated with your organisation and your event. With proper use, your logo will soon become well-known, perhaps even popular. With the proper logo, you may even develop a side business, selling stickers of your clever logo!

If you have a logo, its easy to print it on your own Event Kits, branding all your events. Everyone will know your group is sponsoring the big event. You’ll look smart, and your print products will shine!

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Your Own Events

by ticketprinting on January 15, 2010

It’s all about Event Tickets.

Are you a theatre manager? A music promoter? An organiser of charity balls? If so, you know exactly what I mean. Big-ticket affairs require brilliant Event Tickets. If image is everything, you can’t skimp on the images you choose. You must select something that is not only visually stunning, but meaningful to your organisation, indicative of your values, and appealing to your audience.

In short, you require a proper Event Ticket.

The easiest way to get precisely what you require is to customise and print your own Event Tickets online. It’s the perfect solution: better than a generic roll of “Admit One” tickets and less expensive than visiting your local printer. With hundreds of designs from which to choose, selecting the perfect image is assured. You can create your own Event Tickets for less money than you’d imagine, and receive exactly what you want.

You’ll look lovely, as will everyone associated with your event.

Printing your own Event Tickets allows you to take control of your image, speak directly to your customers, and attract new supporters, all through the power of fine design. When you want to look your best, print it out! Just choose a design that appeals to your, add your own event details, upload a custom image if you choose, and you’re done! Your perfect Event Tickets are printed and shipped in just a few days.

Organising your own event? It’s time to print your own Event Tickets!

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It’s Never Too Early

by ticketprinting on January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here’s a wish that 2010 is the year your organisation meets all its goals, with pizazz and ease. It’s never too soon to start planning the year’s events, even if you have only the slightest idea of what you hope to achieve. Whatever your event, whatever your organisation, there is an Event Ticket just for you. In fact, there is an Event Kit with all the print material you’ll need to publicise, sell, and bring off your event with style.

Have you regular, annual events? Perhaps the date, time, and location have already been decided upon and booked. In that case, you can begin to search for the perfect design. Hoping this year’s turnout will be quite tremendous? Why not create your own save-the-date cards? If you’ve already decided upon an image, you can choose a small, stubless Event Ticket or an Invitation template. Even a Drink Ticket may suffice.

Let the ticket template be a tool that helps you create whatever you need. If you want to remind your supporters to mark their calenders well in advance, then say so! Just print it up and send it out to your mailing list. Your group will appreciate the reminder and you’ll start selling more tickets, earlier in the season.

You’ve an entire year to plan. Get started now and you’ll find more time to relax later!

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Members only?

by ticketprinting on November 20, 2009

Still trying to pack the place? When you’re dreaming of an exclusive event, a queue of eager club-goers stretching out the door and around the block, waiting for the chance to walk past that plush velvet barrier, communicating your sense of excitement to potential partiers is of the utmost importance.

Sure, we talked about club promotions last week, but we’re not done talking about it!

You can issue boring, generic tickets, or you can print your own club tickets online. Personalise them with the name of your club, the name of the event, the names of musicians or DJs. Put your Event Tickets to work for you. Let them create publicity where you can’t go: into the kitchens, bedrooms, and wallets of your faithful fans.

Consider your options.


  • Funky: With a matching Event Kit, the Purple Nightclub General Admission Ticket communicates a serious sense of fun!


  • Fancy: If a sense of sophistication is what you’re after, the Gala General Admission Ticket turns an ordinary night into a soiree.


  • Fun: Ready for a blast from the past? Summon up the 70s with the bold colours of the Disco General Admission Ticket.

When you’re promoting your club or musical event, the possibilities just go on and on! Find the right design to suit your tastes and keep your club hopping until the wee hours.

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