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And a Lovely Time Was Had by All

by ticketprinting on December 7, 2009

As you well know the season for celebration is upon us, and your fabulous ticket girl has already begun to feel the spirit! A favourite charity organisation invited me to its exclusive annual event, and the moment I received the Invitation, I knew I must pop right out and purchase my Event Ticket. I simply could not miss the opportunity to mingle with this impressive crowd. Only a limited number of Event Tickets would be sold, so there was no time to waste.

Last Friday, ticket in hand, I found my way to the hotel where the event was to be held, and indeed, it was an intimate event. The tree was trimmed, drinks flowed freely, and a table of delicious appetizers was refreshed every few minutes. I was fortunate to mingle with the president of the organisation, along with the founder, and other ranking members of the group, all of whom were happy to see me and welcomed me warmly into the fold.

After the introductions, we all sat down for a delicious meal, our choice of chicken, fish, or steak, followed by ice cream and cookies. The president made his speeches, thanking all of us for our contributions. The drinks continued to flow, and before I knew it, we were all singing Christmas carols with our arms around each other. I can only imagine what the other hotel guests thought of our gathering, but the spirit moved us, and a good time was had by all.

It truly was a memorable event. And it’s not too late for your organisation to create the same spirit of goodwill. Just print your own Event Tickets online and start gathering a crowd for your own Christmas party!

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Members only?

by ticketprinting on November 20, 2009

Still trying to pack the place? When you’re dreaming of an exclusive event, a queue of eager club-goers stretching out the door and around the block, waiting for the chance to walk past that plush velvet barrier, communicating your sense of excitement to potential partiers is of the utmost importance.

Sure, we talked about club promotions last week, but we’re not done talking about it!

You can issue boring, generic tickets, or you can print your own club tickets online. Personalise them with the name of your club, the name of the event, the names of musicians or DJs. Put your Event Tickets to work for you. Let them create publicity where you can’t go: into the kitchens, bedrooms, and wallets of your faithful fans.

Consider your options.


  • Funky: With a matching Event Kit, the Purple Nightclub General Admission Ticket communicates a serious sense of fun!


  • Fancy: If a sense of sophistication is what you’re after, the Gala General Admission Ticket turns an ordinary night into a soiree.


  • Fun: Ready for a blast from the past? Summon up the 70s with the bold colours of the Disco General Admission Ticket.

When you’re promoting your club or musical event, the possibilities just go on and on! Find the right design to suit your tastes and keep your club hopping until the wee hours.

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Join the Club!

by ticketprinting on November 13, 2009

If you’re a club owner or a promoter, you recognise the need for glitz, glamour, and glitter! If it doesn’t shine, it doesn’t draw a crowd. When you’re looking for something that really sparkles, you can always find plenty of appropriate Event Tickets for clubs and other popular venues at UK Ticket Printing. The online design gallery is full of red-hot images to inspire clubgoers!

What kind of image do you want to project for your club? What genre of music do you want to promote?

  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Disco
  • Hip Hop
  • Heavy Metal
  • Alternative

If you want it, you’ve got it!

Issuing special tickets for special events is a brilliant way to generate more buzz leading up to the big night. Brightly-coloured tickets hanging from cork boards and refrigerators are advertisements in themselves.

New venues especially benefit from special nightclub tickets, from which there are many to choose. Club Event Tickets feature colours and designs that really pop, highlighting the exciting, active, dynamic nature of your venue. Select from a multitude of designs and colours. Choose matching images in different colours to promote different events or different nights.


Ready to print your own Event Tickets? Give yourself enough time to really consider all your options. Find a proper Event Ticket every time!

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Stand up!

by ticketprinting on November 5, 2009

We’re calling it the Stand Up Comedy Event Ticket, but there’s no need to limit yourself by our labels!

If you’re flashing back to the 80s and opening your own comedy club, clearly this Event Ticket is a proper choice. But this ticket does much, much more. With spotlights and luscious red velvet curtains, the Stand Up Comedy General Admission Ticket works for any stage event!

Whether you’re hosting comedians, live theatre, or dance, anything that takes place on your stage can benefit from the anticipatory quality of the entire Stand Up Comedy Event Kit.

  • General Admission Ticket
  • Drink Ticket
  • Invitation
  • Poster
  • Flyer
  • Raffle Ticket
  • VIP Pass

Whatever your printing needs, consider the versatility of this Event Kit. You can customise it to suit your event and have your tickets and publicity materials delivered in a few days.

Fine, fast, high-quality Event Ticket printing: it’s no laughing matter!

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A Touch of Glamour

by ticketprinting on October 31, 2009


Roll out the red carpet! How would you like to turn your next event into a fabulous Hollywood premiere? If you own a cinema, the idea has probably occurred to you, but anyone can use this fun idea to add some magic to any event.

Of course, you will want a red carpet for your guests to trod upon. Velvet-covered barriers add a nice touch, and for a real treat, hire photographers to play the part of the paparazzi and capture your guests on film as they enter.

Inside, serve canapes, crudites, and other small hors d’oeuvres that can be eaten daintily. Serve champagne if you can. Martinis are sure to go over well, as will any sweet drink with fruit, umbrellas, and other decorations.

If possible, you can set up some video monitors or screens and play classic films. Movie trivia makes a wonderful party game. Or, make it fancy dress and ask your guests to come as their favourite stars.

The possibilities are endless! Hollywood is about making magic. Let the creativity flow and make a little magic of your own.


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Penny for the Guy?

by ticketprinting on October 10, 2009

Bonfire Night is almost upon us! Toffee apples and jacket potatoes, bonfires and fireworks! Make your Guy Fawkes Night an unforgettable one and forgo the door-to-door begging. If you need to raise funds, take the modern route: print brilliant full-color Event Tickets and publicity on-line.

Pre-event publicity encompasses three tiers. For tightly-focused marketing to an existing mailing list, you can print Guy Fawkes Invitations, just the thing for drawing a proper crowd. Posters and Fliers allow you to advertise to a wider audience, reaching supporters you never knew about. Hang them in shop windows with the owner’s permission, and cover the city centre with your big announcement.

General Admission Tickets and VIP Passes allow you to control the crowd, and Drink Tickets are an ideal way to earn a little more money for your organisation. You can sell them in advance or at the event. They keep your queues short and orderly and your vendors at ease. Selling more than drinks? Customise your Event Kit by printing multiple tickets for several sale items!

When the weather gets cold, manufacture your own heat. Just start gathering wood and printing Event Tickets. Let your Guy Fawkes bonfire light up the night with traditional treats and festivities, and let your Event Kit design speak for itself.

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Eerie, isn’t it?

by ticketprinting on October 2, 2009

Autumn is upon us and with it, the anticipation of colourful leaves, crisp apples, chilling winds, and foggy, moonlit nights, just right for zombies, ghouls, and other unspeakable creatures from the darkness.

But have no fear of the undead! Rather, treat them with the respect they deserve–as splendid opportunities to host fancy dress parties and outrageous fundraisers! Dream up a terrifying haunted house or a screamingly appropriate Halloween dance, and make the most of the season. With dozens of spooky Event Tickets to choose from, you can always choose the perfect design.

Take charge of Mischief Night by gathering all your mischief-makers in one place. Print Posters and Invitations along with your Event Tickets and make sure everyone arrives at the party!

It’s the season for tricks and treats, but you’ll find no pranks when you print tickets for your seasonal celebration, just treats for your eyes and the delighted eyes of your guests.

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by ticketprinting on September 11, 2009

Let’s start at the very beginning. There are those who always know what they’re about, whose ideas flow like wine and always look as sparkling in execution as they do in conception. And then there are the rest of us. Perhaps we’ve found ourselves heading up a committee, and now we must plan a party for young people, or a charity fund raiser.

Believing in the cause is not enough. You need ideas! Long before you print your own Event Tickets, you need to plan your event.

What do your guests want? Believe it or not, the best way to determine this fact is to act your potential guests. Perhaps you’ve been worrying about hiring the coolest band to play a dance for teenagers. Why not try asking the teens what they want? They may name a local group you can afford, or you may learn that they would vastly prefer a proper DJ, or even that they’d rather you save the money for snacks and simply install one of their own number in the DJ booth with an iPod!

The same goes for for charity benefits. Just because your organisation has always held a posh gala in a museum or hotel ballroom does not mean that is the best solution. Start asking questions! You may learn that supporters wish to scale down to a less expensive venue, or that they’d prefer a family-friendly gathering in the park or at the beach. Especially when times are tight, traditional solutions may not be the best.

Planning events is hard enough without having to guess at your guests preferences. Don’t just print Event Tickets without thinking things through! Send out surveys over email, ring up some vocal supporters, or add the question to your meeting’s agenda. Give your supporters exactly what they want!

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Back to School

by ticketprinting on August 28, 2009

It is that time again, that very special time of year when summer holidays come to a close, children return to the schoolyard, and adults breathe a collective sigh of relief. Unless, of course, the adults are school administrators, in which case, they’re only just begun!

If your job requires you to plan events for children and young people in conjunction with an educational institution, you may want to peruse the database at UK Ticket Printing for ideas and to find Event Tickets and matching publicity materials, including Posters, Fliers, and Invitations!

School dances and theatrical events can really benefit from the right Event Kit. Advertising these events well in advance helps generate excitement and stimulates ticket sales. Important matches between athletic clubs are another brilliant opportunity for your school. You can earn more money for your budget while providing your students with healthy, appropriate, and exciting entertainment amongst their peers.

Commencement ceremonies are another excellent opportunity for choosing Event Tickets, and there are many graduation Event Tickets from which to choose. You may decide on full-colour printing, or black and white designs. Most likely, you will want matching Invitations. Students can order them and send them by post to friends and family, or hand-deliver them to share their good news.

For every age group, for every event, a proper Event Ticket is just waiting for you!

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Healthy Competition

by ticketprinting on August 15, 2009

Are you sporty? Your fabulous ticket girl is not. She is lucky if she can walk in a straight line without tripping over an ant. But this must not keep me from showcasing some of the brilliant athletic-themed tickets available for your club or team’s big event.

First up, of course, is football, and it doesn’t matter whether you favor Liverpool or Manchester U. This colourful Football Event Kit is an image upon which everyone can agree. For matches or fundraisers, it’s a clever way to publicise and sell your event.

If football isn’t your game, perhaps you’d prefer some good, old-fashioned rugby? Rugby league or rugby union, it makes no difference. Fine design doesn’t quibble with rules. It just sits quietly, looking good, and helping you sell tickets. This particular Rugby Flyer allows you to upload sponsor logos, team images, or other pictures from your computer.

Finally, today, let’s take a look at the Cricket Event Kit. Your fabulous ticket girl has never studied the Laws of Cricket, but she knows the Laws of Event Printing. Stunning design attracts attention, and the sharp contrast of green and black in this one will have the fans taking notice.

Of course, you can choose from a wide selection of plain athletic Event Kits as well. Just search the massive online gallery at ukticketprinting.co.uk. You’re sure to find something to stand up and cheer for!

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