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A Year of Events

by ticketprinting on January 31, 2011

Ticket Printing for All Seasons

I do like to plan out my year. Particularly if your organisation holds regular events, on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis, you can maintain interest throughout the year by employing a thematic structure. Start assigning themes and each gathering can take on its own identity.

Some themes come with ease. Christmas, Easter, Midsummer all easily leap to mind when you begin categorising your meetings or parties. Back-to-school and graduation may be useful if your participants are children themselves, or in a child-raising demographic. In these cases, it’s simple to find print products to match your themes. Printing Invitations or Event Tickets to advertise and sell the event is a breeze.

Beyond that, you may wish to get more creative. If you guests are so inclined, why not create a Rainbow series, with each event assigned a different color? You’ll find plenty of Event Kits you can print online to match, and you’ll find taking glamorous photographs a breeze when all the guests, all the decoration, all the Posters and all the Raffle Tickets are blue, or gold, or black.

Once you sit down with your calendar, the schedule will begin to come together. Look at your year’s worth of events and begin assigning themes. Soon, you’ll have a plan to generate interest in your events, and you’ll simplify the process of printing your event collateral, as well.

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World Cup Starts Now!

by ticketprinting on June 11, 2010

It happens once in 4 years, which means you’ve had 4 years to prepare. What? You haven’t spent the last 47 months considering how you are to plan and execute the perfect World Cup Event? Perhaps you’ve already bought a ticket a boarded a plan for South Africa. If not, it’s still not too late to find that perfect HDTV and start the celebration at home, or let a venue and sell event tickets to those looking for a place to watch.

You shan’t be alone. The vast majority of your neighbors plan to watch the game: 71% of everyone in the UK, according to some surveys, will be glued to the proceedings. And of those fans, 87% plan to watch straight through the end, regardless of whether England make the final or not. So start gathering your mates and celebrate in style!

What do your guests want? Of course, you can guess the easy ones:

  • A BIG TV
  • A comfortable seat
  • Barbecue or buffet
  • Plenty of cold drinks

Another consideration is a bit of outdoors: a place where they can step away if they need a smoke or a private moment to grieve a particularly bad play.

The BBC also suggest having a few additional activities to ease the tension: computer football games, target practice in a garden goal, table football, or Subbuteo. You can set the mood by decorating your home with the flags of many nations, or perhaps by dressing your dog in a red and white shirt. Your guests will most likely bring their own enthusiasm with them, no event ticket required.

Now, you’ve done all you can. The rest is up to England!

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Be a Sport!

by ticketprinting on May 10, 2010

Can’t make it to the big match? You know you’re not alone. If the distance to the match is too great, or Event Tickets are hard to come by, it’s time to throw your own celebration.

Sports parties are the perfect experience: a chance for kids and adults to bond together while cheering aloud and sampling a wide range of foods that can be eaten with one hand and no utensils. What do you need? A large telly and a comfortable couch!

Make it a formal or informal as you choose. Send out Invitations or ring up your besties and let them know that you’ll be hosting. Then, focus on the food: chips and dips, barbecue, or pizza. Most hosts will carefully take stock of their friends to determine how much beer will be needed to carry you through to the end of the match. As for decorations, your home décor will suffice. Or, add a few Posters of your favourite athlete or team.

The greatest element of the sports party is that the entertainment is covered. The true fans will show up before the match begins. They will appreciate whatever refreshments you provide, and will need no encouragement to participate. Whether you’ve started a pool or just want a few pals to start screaming at appropriate times, your sports party needs nothing more. Once you’ve gathered your crowd and laid out the snacks, your job is done.

Just as long as your team wins.

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Hot off the Presses

by ticketprinting on April 24, 2010

I’m quite enamored of the newest design uploaded at UK Ticket Printing. It speaks to that side of me that adores grandeur and history. It’s this fabulous Castle Event Kit! The image is based on Scotland’s Braemar castle. Red and blue pennants fly over the castle, along with a golden crown. Your text appears on scroll, and beneath that, a pair of claymores cross behind a golden targe. It’s lovely for any event in a castle, or any event that summons up the glory of an old castle.

Like all our Event Kits, it provides you the full range of print materials to give your event that complete, put-together look, including several different types of tickets (Event, Drink, Raffle, VIP), along with advance publicity materials (Invitations, Posters, and Flyers).

As you can see, this Poster, like most publicity posters, allows you to upload a number of thumbnail images. This is useful in publicising groups and individuals participating in your event, such as speakers, musicians, or artists. If your event is sponsored, you may choose to add your sponsors’ logos. It’s a wonderful way to provide extra incentive for other groups to help you out.

We’re expecting plenty of new designs in the near future, so keep checking back!

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Define Yourself

by ticketprinting on April 17, 2010

How do you define your organisation? How do you define your event?

Your advance publicity materials, including your Event Ticket, are visual cues to your guests. A proper image helps define your group, your mission, and the theme of your gathering both to returning supporters as well as potential new members.

Are your guests interested in design? The environment? Beauty? Appeal to them on the appropriate level by choosing imagery that speaks to their desires. Choose from 100s of Event Ticket templates and find the one that is most likely to capture the imagination of those who are considering attending your event, supporting your efforts, and aligning themselves with your cause.

There exists a wide gulf between a simple printed messages and a brilliant design. Even the most staid academics will appreciate the draw of a stunning calligraphic font on a coloured background. Athletes prefer athletic themes.

Don’t settle for something plain and unremarkable. When you’re hosting an event, you want supporters to remark upon your Event Tickets and other advance print publicity. Consider your audience. Make it special. Make it lovely.

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All about the Music

by ticketprinting on April 9, 2010

When you are selling tickets for an upcoming event, it helps to add some extra value. Particularly if you are a charitable organization, while you may hope that your guests will support you in any circumstance, you know that providing draws like food and drinks can boost the attendance for even the most boring meeting.

So, if you want to sell Event Tickets for any occasion, consider spicing up the evening with some live music.

Music helps provide atmosphere, keeps conversation lively, and helps people relax. If you’re not sure what kind of music your supporters would prefer, ask them! Whether you ring up a few helpful donors or send out and informal internet survey, you can easily learn what’s expected.

If you have a budget, you may choose to hire a popular band, orchestra, or even a string quartet, depending on everyone’s tastes. A live pianist and a vocalist can provide a lovely setting. A rock band creates a completely different event.

Even if you haven’t much money, you should be able to find a group who is willing to support you. Look around on the Internet, and local musician message boards. Perhaps there is a school group that would be happy to attend for the experience. New groups will be happy to get their first gig for a small fee, or even for the exposure and publicity of appearing at your event. A member of your organisation most likely has a teenager in a new band, and they may be quite good.

Of course, you can always hook an MP3 player up to a stereo, but don’t give up on the idea of live music. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Ask around and you’ll be surprised at how much entertainment is available for the asking.

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The Printed Word

by ticketprinting on March 22, 2010

Although I work on the Internet, I live in the real world. Although most of the words I write appear as pixels on a video monitor, my favorite words are printed in ink on processed wood pulp. Indeed, I love books, and as such, I can’t help loving a book festival!

What a lovely warm-weather event! Any size town can easily host it. First, consider the purveyors of the printed word in your area: newspapers, magazine, book shops, and publishers. Most of these groups will be pleased to participate and even to sponsor the event, as it provides them extra exposure and a simple way to connect with customers. Schools and universities will likely want to get in on the fun, particularly if they have strong writing programs.

Next, you will want to contact any local authors, any authors with ties to your town, and finally, any authors willing to make the journey to your festival. Once you have firm commitments from everyone in the writing industry, you can add all the food vendors and musicians you like! Schedule book signings, public readings, and perhaps a writing contest in advance. If you plan to charge for attendance, start selling Event Tickets in advance. Or, pass them out for free, and get plenty of publicity!

Send Invitations and hang Posters and Fliers about town. Contact all the local media outlets with press releases and, if you can afford it, take out some advertisements as well. Drink Tickets, such as the one reproduces above, are wonderful incentives to encourage festival-goers to attend.

On the day of your book festival, hope for clear skies and pat yourself on the back. You’ve helped save humanity from ignorance and illiteracy, and you’ve provided a wonderful and intelligent day for book lovers everywhere.

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by ticketprinting on February 26, 2010

One of the nicest sorts of parties one can throw is a celebration in thanks or appreciation of an individual or group of people. Of course, we have all attended office parties when a co-worker leaves or retires, and these tend to be mirthful experiences, but for whom else can we express our appreciation through cake and ice cream?

How about:

  • Educators
  • Church volunteers
  • Administrative assistants
  • Helpful children
  • Kindly neighbors

For any good deed, a celebration is in order!

If the object of your gratitude has helped a good many people, you may find that it’s possible to cover the cost of the celebration by selling tickets to the event. Use social networking or word-of-mouth to determine whether there is interest in a group recognition of your guest of honor. If so, print some Event Ticket and start selling! Determine how much your guests are willing to spend per ticket to determine your budget (or your own contribution).

Then, plan a party to say thank you! Be certain to order the cake, with an appropriate message, in advance. Ask close friends of the celebrant to prepare speeches. Obtain some photographs (choosing a selection from throughout the guest’s life can be fun) and have them blown up into Posters, or turned into a slide show or Power Point Presentation. Make sure everyone knows about your honoree’s contribution, and why they deserve this celebration.

Finally, decorate the venue, lay out the food and drinks, and toast (or roast!) the guest of honor in high style.

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Love Is in the Air!

by ticketprinting on January 29, 2010

It’s not to late to create your romantic Valentine’s Day Event Kit!

If you’re planning a big, romantic dance, dinner, or other event in celebration of lovers, get a little added publicity with a proper Valentine’s Day Event Kit. You’ve already put plenty of thought into the venue, the band, the drinks, and the appetizers. Now, how are you going to find the guests?

May I suggest a Valentine’s Day Poster or Flyer? Candy and flowers feature prominently in these sensual Event Kits, making them an excellent way to attract potential supporters or customers. Let’s be honest: plenty of men leave their plans for this all-important evening for the last minute. Make the most of their lack of preparation by inundating your city centre with notices reminding everyone where they should be on February 14th.

You want to sell more Event Tickets, and you can still place an order in plenty of time before the big night. When you want people to pay attention to you, there’s no better way than with fabulous, colourful, customised print products. Poster, Flyers, and Invitations get them interested. General Admission Tickets, Drink Tickets, VIP Passes, and even Raffle Tickets help the keep the night lively and smooth.

So start planning for a happy Valentine’s Day. It’s fast and easy to print your own publicity materials and Event Tickets online. Ready to fall in love all over again? Just browse our selection of romantic Event Kits to get started today!

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To Brand or Not to Brand

by ticketprinting on January 22, 2010

Has your organisation acquired its own logo?

Your logo–a distinct design that encapsulates both the name and mission of your group–is an instant way to achieve brand recognition. The image should be striking, memorable, and often amusing. Think of it this way: have you ever seen a small child, one who has not yet learned to read, decode the McDonald’s or Coca-Cola logo (and then beg for the product)? While we can’t all hope for this degree of success, we can all develop a logo that is easily recognisable and visually describes something about our mission.

Have you any amateur artists on your staff? People who doodle in the margins of their memos? Perhaps they already have some ideas for you. If not, you may want to hire a professional artist or graphic designer. Prices will vary, but if you haven’t much money, perhaps you can barter goods or services, or else find a young artist just starting out. Perhaps you know an art student, or a colleague’s teenager with a talent for art.

Once you have your logo, you can add it to everything. Fortunately, many Event Kits allow you to upload your logo onto predesigned ticket templates, so you can customise everything associated with your organisation and your event. With proper use, your logo will soon become well-known, perhaps even popular. With the proper logo, you may even develop a side business, selling stickers of your clever logo!

If you have a logo, its easy to print it on your own Event Kits, branding all your events. Everyone will know your group is sponsoring the big event. You’ll look smart, and your print products will shine!

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