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Random Thoughts

Merry Christmas!

by ticketprinting on December 25, 2009

On the day of family, friends, and fun, we need not pause to consider the print products that drive our celebrations and gathering. There are loved ones to embrace, carols to be sung, and delicate, fanciful wrapping paper to be torn from enigmatic boxes. Cookies to eat! Ham to carve! Worship services to be attended!

On this day, we live with peace and joy in our hearts and on our lips. We may consult the directions printed on an Invitation as we drive to a large party, or check the time of an Event Ticket as we rush to attend a matinee performance of The Nutcracker Suite, but we realize that these are only tools that help us keep our celebration on track and and our minds at ease.

All too soon this perfect day ends. Children, worn out from a day of toys and surprises, drift to bed without complaint, while adults enjoy one last egg nog and savor the Christmas peace. With less than a week, we will tidy our affairs and wrap a bow around 2009. The New Year will be here soon, and with it, more parties, celebrations, friends, family, and fun.

There will be time enough for planning new gatherings, printing new Event Kits, and creating new memories. Today is Christmas.

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All Together, One at a Time

by ticketprinting on December 20, 2009


If it’s your strong suit, you are able to delegate tasks, assume responsibility, multitask in your sleep, and do it all with a smile on your face. You’re a natural event planner. If not, you may find that getting big projects underway turns into a frustrating headache of missed deadlines, annoyed colleagues, and disappointing results. But there’s hope for you yet. You just need the proper tools for the job.

Your first tool is the age-old method of list-making. It may sound obvious, but how often have you thought of an important detail and then forgotten it until too late? Keeping a list of your needs makes it easier to remember those needs and helps you plan perfect events.

Lists for event planning include details about:

  • Venue
  • Music
  • Food/drink
  • Volunteers/staff
  • Sanitation
  • Decoration
  • Publicity
  • Printing Event Tickets

Another tool in your arsenal should be a a Gantt chart. This is a superior method for visually-oriented organisers who need to keep track of many details. Gantt charts allow you to set up your own schedule, break tasks down by time, and assign tasks. With modern software, you can even keep your Gantt chart on the Internet using an application like Google Docs, so that every person on your team can update their own tasks. Everyone can see who’s on schedule and who’s behind schedule.

Details don’t just fall through the cracks. You have to drop them there first! Using the appropriate organisational tools, you can keep juggling all those details and bring off a lovely event.

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And a Lovely Time Was Had by All

by ticketprinting on December 7, 2009

As you well know the season for celebration is upon us, and your fabulous ticket girl has already begun to feel the spirit! A favourite charity organisation invited me to its exclusive annual event, and the moment I received the Invitation, I knew I must pop right out and purchase my Event Ticket. I simply could not miss the opportunity to mingle with this impressive crowd. Only a limited number of Event Tickets would be sold, so there was no time to waste.

Last Friday, ticket in hand, I found my way to the hotel where the event was to be held, and indeed, it was an intimate event. The tree was trimmed, drinks flowed freely, and a table of delicious appetizers was refreshed every few minutes. I was fortunate to mingle with the president of the organisation, along with the founder, and other ranking members of the group, all of whom were happy to see me and welcomed me warmly into the fold.

After the introductions, we all sat down for a delicious meal, our choice of chicken, fish, or steak, followed by ice cream and cookies. The president made his speeches, thanking all of us for our contributions. The drinks continued to flow, and before I knew it, we were all singing Christmas carols with our arms around each other. I can only imagine what the other hotel guests thought of our gathering, but the spirit moved us, and a good time was had by all.

It truly was a memorable event. And it’s not too late for your organisation to create the same spirit of goodwill. Just print your own Event Tickets online and start gathering a crowd for your own Christmas party!

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Coming to Yes

by ticketprinting on October 27, 2009

Odds are, decisions about event publicity and ticket printing are not entirely up to you. You may be among the lucky few who can make their own choices without answering to anyone, but most of us must muddle through layers of bureaucracy and consensus building before anything ever gets accomplished!

Well, your printed materials are a big deal. You print company knows this; that’s why any company worth its ink will offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee and work to make things right if they’re not right to begin with. You should be able to get exactly what you want. But what do you want?

Perhaps you have an idea about appropriate designs, or perhaps you are starting at the beginning. Here is a good checklist for event planners working with large groups to make decisions about publicity:

  • Brainstorm session: let everyone share ideas
  • Reality check: what’s available? What can you afford
  • Debate: Everyone gets to share their opinion
  • Democracy: put it to a vote
  • Repeat, if necessary, until everyone agrees on your course of action

If you want to maintain an element of control over the process, do your research in advance. If you already know what’s available and what you can afford, it’s much easier to steer others toward your choice. Well-thought-out arguments are better received.

Working in groups is simple for some, complicated for others. When you are discussing how to hype your upcoming event, the choices you make can have great impact on attendance and fundraising. With a little extra effort, you can make it work!

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Event Ticket Checklist

by ticketprinting on October 24, 2009

Here’s a time-saver. Think you’re ready to print your own Event Tickets online? Don’t waste your time until you’re sure!

While it’s always fun to look at designs and debate which ones you’d choose, it’s simply quite disappointing when you start to mock up your ticket proofs and realize that you’re not certain about some of the details that should appear on the ticket.

Here’s what you’ll need to know:

  • Sponsor names (your organisation as well as other sponsors)
  • Event name (you’d be surprised at how long it may take to decide!)
  • Event date and time (double check–you don’t want to get this wrong!)
  • Event location (should be easy, but again, double check)
  • Ticket price (especially if your price structure reflects different levels)
  • Numbering (this can be a security feature to prevent ticket fraud)
  • Other security features (determine in advance whether you need to watch for fraud)
  • Images (if your Event Tickets are to include custom images, be sure they are chosen and available in a standard format, like a .jpg; it’s also helpful if they are already cropped to be square)
  • Paper (there are a few types to choose from; do the research first)
  • Shipping (when do you need your tickets and will you pay extra for fast shipping?
  • Payment (this can be the hardest decision of all in some organisations)

Once you’ve sorted all these matters out, you’re ready! Select the design that appeals to you. Enter your event details and relax while your Event Tickets are printed and shipped to you.

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The Event of the Season

by ticketprinting on October 21, 2009

Charity fundraisers can be among the most glamourous and fabulous type of event, but there are certain expectations to consider. Especially if you plan to hold a black-tie affair, its imperative that everything fall into place and run according to plan. The last thing you want is to lose money, or worse, to disappoint your guests. Most organisers hope to create events that become yearly celebrations.

What should you consider in advance?

  • Location, location, location: Where will you hold your event? Is it suitably fancy? Is the venue equipped to host large events? Have they successfully hosted this type of fundraiser in the past? You may also have to check to see if your event requires permits.
  • Publicity: How will you attract your guests? Do you have access to a mailing list? Will you advertise outside your organisation?
  • Sales: Consider how you will sell Event Tickets. Do you already have a box office or a phone number? Are there people in your group already authorised to handle cash? Set up good record keeping and you’ll save trouble down the line.
  • Decorations: While the venue or caterer may be counted on for some part, you’ll have to double-check. Will you need flowers or balloons? Will tables and place setting be your responsibility? Does your organisation have banners or other resources you should use?
  • Food and drink: Even if you plan on hiring a caterer and professional bartenders, you still need to do the legwork on this.
  • Music and Entertainment: Book them in advance. Make sure you have contracts signed and know how you will pay everyone.
  • Other staff and facilites: Who will set up? Who will tear down? Do you have staff to work the event? Do you have sufficient trash cans and lavatories for the number of guest you anticipate? Someone will probably have to work the door. You may need staff to man parts of your event. You may need security or first aid.

These are merely the basics that anyone will have to consider for any large event. Only you know the specific needs of your organisation and your event. Create checklists, and delegate responsibility where you can.

You can plan the event of the season. Just make sure you consider all your options!

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Got problems?

by ticketprinting on September 18, 2009

Let’s face it: things can get a little dodgy in your office. Projects become overwhelming, or fall through the cracks. Everyone’s carrying a heavy work load, or else trying to steal someone else’s assignments. Event planning isn’t quite the walk through the park you’d expected. Have no fear! Just avoid the following foul-ups and it’s smooth sailing for your event!

Top Ten Mistakes in Event Ticket Printing

  • 10: Loved your publicity Posters so much you hung them around the office instead of the City Centre
  • 9: All Invitations were accidentally addressed “Dear Dr. Moneybags”
  • 8: Not a lot of interest in your Dumpster Diving with the Stars Dinner Dance
  • 7: Lost your speakers’ head shots; uploaded images of LOLcats to all your Flyers instead
  • 6: Camouflage themed Event Kit a poor choice for Vegans against War Rally
  • 5: Issued VIP Passes to random homeless people just to make sure the event was well-attended
  • 4: Dates printed on your General Admission Tickets were accidentally calculated with a Julian Calendar
  • 3: To save money, you decided to re-use the extra Event Tickets from last year, confusion ensues
  • 2: Set your spell-checker to German while filling out the ticket template
  • 1: Forgot to get the best quality and value for your money at UKTicketPrinting.co.uk!

Now that we’ve cleared up that muddle, you can get on with your business. Plan the best event your group has ever seen, and we’ll print the best Event Kits money can buy!

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Summer Breeze

by ticketprinting on August 20, 2009

As the sweetest season dwindles down, our thoughts turn to wishes, hopes, and dreams. It’s a time of nostalgia and fantasy, and especially, a time for squeezing the last delicious drops of nectar from from the months of holidays and warm weather. In the spirit of August, amongst the back-to-school signs in shop windows and sudden transformation of deciduous trees, your fabulous ticket girl presents her summer fantasy event ideas!

Why have I not been invited to the following parties?

  • Hawaiian Luau A party on the beach, complete with roasted pig, drumming, and fire dancing. Required attire includes grass skirts, coconut bras, and flower leis. Drinks to be served inside of hollowed-out pineapples, with tiny umbrellas and fresh fruit skewered on plastic sword.
  • The Caravan Modern nomads turn up for an impromptu festival in the forest under the full moon. Tarot is thrown, palms are read, and dancing is accomplished with abandon, around a well-tended campfire.
  • The Ultimate Pub Quiz Grab a pint and prepare to test your knowledge of all things trivial. But this is no ordinary pub quiz! Dance-off, sudden death rounds, and mandatory shots for high scorers transform an ordinary night with friends into a night to remember.
  • Fancy Dress Charity Ball I long to dress up in an outrageous costume, don a fancy mask, and dance the entire night to live music. A mysterious stranger spins and dips me under the starlit sky, all while supporting a worthy cause.
  • The Scavenger Hunt Armed with a list of improbable settings and a camera-phone, teams of young people run madly through the town. Their mission: be the first to photograph team members with local icons, landmarks, or in any other funny situations you dream up.

So, quick! While there’s still time! Begin planning your end-of-summer party so you can print out Event Tickets, Posters, and Invitations. And please send mine, care of your fabulous ticket girl, The Event Ticket Blog.

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At your service

by ticketprinting on July 31, 2009

Customer service is not dead. In fact it’s alive and well, thriving, actually.

There’s a misconception these days, that the Internet has taken all the life out of commerce, and that buying an item online is a cold and lonely experience. How can a computer reproduce the friendly connection of talking to a girl in a shop, hearing the owner’s opinion on the products that best suit your needs? Customer service, of course!

Some shoppers prefer the quick anonymity of one click shopping. Others require a little personal contact. Perhaps you have trouble understanding the details of the website. Perhaps there is some difficulty with your credit card. Or perhaps you are not quite satisfied with your order. You cannot run down to the city centre and discuss the issue in the shop, but you can call customer service.

Our operators are available from 9:00 to 18:00 to help you print your perfect Event Tickets. Just ring 0808 1683766 for help selecting the designs, products, card stock, and quantities that are right for you and your organisation. There are no worries about processing orders. We ensure that your tickets are printed as you like them, and shipped out fast. And we are here to listen if you have questions and concerns.

So leave your troubles at the door and order with assurance. When you print your own Event Tickets with UK Ticket Printing, we’re ready to listen to you and we’re here to help!

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Event Tickets for Domestic Renewal

by ticketprinting on June 29, 2009

Is your life lacking in thrills, chills, and romance? Do you pine for glamour? Complication? A little recognition? Did you realize that you could use Event Tickets to turn your workaday moments into a brilliant parody of the good life? No? Well, allow your fabulous ticket girl to introduce you to more creative uses for Event Tickets!

Whilst cooking the evening meal, perhaps you feel that your culinary skills are unappreciated. Well, of course they are. Your family takes you for granted because you serve their dinner without fanfare. They know they will be fed if they merely show up. Make them work for their meals in advance. Sell Event Tickets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Those attempting to eat without presenting the appropriate documentation must do the washing up.

If your nightly routine involves gathering around the telly, liven up the living room by rolling out the red carpet in the hallway and selling Event Tickets to those who want a seat on the couch. Every night becomes Hollywood premiere night. Specify black tie and ticket holders will be forced to dress for the occasion or turned away at the door. If you wish, make some extra money selling popcorn.

Perhaps you are annoyed by constant interruptions at work. Print your own Event Tickets, good for fifteen minutes of face time. Your boss can’t give you a negative performance review if he hasn’t purchased a ticket in advance! When useless co-workers attempt to invade your office, simply lie and explain, “I’m quite sorry, but this event has been sold out for weeks. We simply don’t have space.”

Of course, you can still choose to design and print your own Event Tickets for traditional events such as charity fundraisers, fancy dress parties, and sporting events. Whatever your needs, UK Ticket Printing can help you create the perfect Event Ticket, with a design sure to stir the heart and the spirit. Even if that event is a walk to the park.

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