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Random Thoughts

Resolute: Start Planning Now

by ticketprinting on December 6, 2013

Every man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with a fresh page. ~Henry Ward Beecher

December is a lovely time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions.

Wait, you’re thinking. It’s still December. Can I not celebrate Christmas before turning my thoughts to the New Year? Of course you could, but if you’re truly serious about making a change in 2014, why wouldn’t you start planning now? You wouldn’t wait until the day of the event to start planning a party, would you? The best events require months of forethought, and if you want to hit the ground running on 1 January (OK, 2 January if you’ll need some recovery time after New Year’s Eve) you should have a plan in place before ringing out the old.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, about 80% of us fail to follow through with our resolutions, which is about the success rate you’d expect for a big event you threw together the day of. How big are your goals? The more you wish you achieve, the more you’ll need to set up in advance.

For instance, if you resolution is to work out more, it makes sense for you to start researching how you’ll accomplish that now. If you’ll be jogging, you better have a pair of well-fitting, comfortable trainers in your closet before you begin. If you plan to join a gym, it’s best to figure out which one suits your needs so you can jump right into your new program at the beginning of the year, not just start looking for a perfect fit.

Those who resolve to eat healthier should broadcast their intentions. How will you start 2014 with a healthy diet if your house is full of cream biscuits and family-sized bags of crisps? Convince yourself you’ll succeed at your new diet by cleaning out the pantry and replacing junk food with fresh fruits and veg as soon as Boxing Day ends. If you’re dependent on fast food and prepackaged meals, now is an excellent time to figure out where you will learn how to cook. If you can’t afford classes, make sure your family know that cook books are on your wish list.

Want a new job? A clean house? A perfect holiday? Amplify your anticipation and ensure a greater degree of success by starting to prepare now. Update your CV, teach the kids to run the dishwasher, begin searching for the perfect travel plans. Start now to collect early on the promises of the new year.

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Keep Your Friends Close

by ticketprinting on October 25, 2010

Are you loving your supporters to death? Driving them away with your attention? Or even annoying them with your methods? Charitable organisations much keep their donors happy or risk losing their base. Perhaps you spend hours brainstorming ways of rewarding the most loyal, but have you given a thought to mistake you might be making?

Consider these three ways that some organisations drive off existing supporters, lost potential donors, and otherwise sabotage their own missions:

1) Make them do all the work

If you’ve spent a fortune updating your website, don’t sit back and wait for folks to find it! Having a splendid website is only the first step. It’s up to you to drive traffic there. There’s no quick fix for this: paid advertisement is simply not the best way to drive clicks. Rather, people respond to other people. Why not find the websites where potential supporters are already participating? Become active in those communities, leaving intelligent posts and comments in forums. Add your URL at the end of each post, and interested parties will follow your link home!

2) Make them do work they don’t want to do

Most people do not care to read dry pages of figures, interminable reports, or constant updates. We’re already inundated with information, and may have difficulty sifting through to find the important parts. If you send out too many emails or newsletter, or overload your communications with excessive facts, numbers, and details, you’ll lose readership and disconnect from your base. Instead, limit your emails to no more than one a week, and keep those short. Choose a few powerful anecdotes, rather than an exhaustive list of accomplishments. You can make the complete information available elsewhere, but not in people’s inboxes!

3) Don’t let them do any work at all

Some groups become so focused on their mission that they forget their supporters entirely. Would you rather lose out on a big donation because the donor’s purpose does not completely fit your own? Would you prefer to alienate potential supporters rather than reconsider how you work? Intractable organisations don’t make or keep friends easily. Instead, try opening your administration up to others’ ideas. Let your supporters feel that they have a say in how their money is spent, and that they are important in your decision making process. Solicit ideas and be open to advice. Make them feel welcome and they will return the favor.

Keep those donors happy, and when your annual fundraiser comes around, they’ll be happy to purchase more Event Tickets than ever.

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More Sales

by ticketprinting on May 17, 2010

How do you sell Event Tickets?

There are those lucky organisations among us with dedicated sales team, active membership rosters, and, in some cases, easily accessible box offices. We may have dedicated volunteer teams, active word-of-mouth campaigns, or popular and navigable websites. Some groups even have extra cash on hand, saved solely for the purpose of publicity campaigns: Posters, Flyers, TV or radio spots, and print advertisements in newspaper or magazine.

The cleverest sales campaigns seem to take on a life of their own: music promotions where Stickers or graffiti-style ads pique the curiosity of those in the know, Internet marketing that goes viral and is passed around the Internet through links and reposts.

In the 21st century, groups seeking to increase their Event Ticket sales ignore virtual marketing at their own peril. It’s the rare event that attracts crowds of younger people without making use of blogs, home pages, social networking, forums, and other online spaces. When you want to sell more Event Tickets, Internet marketing provides you with publicity that costs almost nothing (or, possibly, nothing at all) and can be reproduced and disseminated with the click of a button.

The best part is that, with a properly mounted campaign, your message spreads with no further effort on your part. If it’s smart, compelling, or entertaining, potential customers will pass it on to new potential customers, creating a wonderful chain of publicity for you. So don’t fear the Internet. Put your bravest, most colorful promotions out there and see what transpires.

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How to Have a Party

by ticketprinting on May 1, 2010

I hosted a dinner party last night, and while I only had a dozen guests, I believe the principals of entertaining are the same for large groups as they are for small ones. Organisation is merely a matter of forethought. Consider your needs beforehand and your event will be a success.

You can’t do it all.

I knew I couldn’t possibly clean the house and cook dinner at the same time, so I had my boyfriend do the mopping and scrubbing while I was in the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to delegate some tasks so you can focus on your strengths.

Make a list.

Some can do this in their heads, others must write it down. Either way, stay organised by knowing what you must do and what items or conditions you need to do them. Keep checking things off, keep checking your list. Then you won’t forget anything.

Rest later.

You’ve got a schedule, now stick to it! Of course, you ought to schedule in breaks, extra time to clean up disasters and catastrophes, and a quarter of an hour for a shower. However, you need to plow through and take care of all the prep work before you take a break.

The last minute isn’t too late.

Originally I had planned to serve wine and beer, but at the last moment, I realised there wouldn’t be any beer, and I only had enough wineglasses for half my guests. A quick call to a friend who deals in wine glasses solved the problem in the nick of time!

Seriously, you can’t do it all.

I cooked dinner for twelve. I did not do the washing up! My party was just as fabulous with dirty dishes in the sink as it would have been with a spotless kitchen. Consider what is important and don’t worry about the rest.

Make a success of events large and small!

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Clean It Up

by ticketprinting on March 30, 2010

Spring approaches, and while grey skies and a light drizzle may not motivate you to think of fresh beginnings and change, it’s a brilliant time to start publicising upcoming event your organisation has been planning for the last few months. Of course, it’s never to early to start designing, ordering, and printing your own Event Tickets, but there are other ways you can generate buzz and create a demand for admission to any theatrical, musical, or charity event.

  • Research online markets

What kind of presence does your organisation have online? These days, its not enough to have your own web page. Without a weekly blog, or email newsletter, no one will know what you’re up to. Creating a FaceBook or Twitter account is another excellent way to reach out to your audience.

  • View the competition

What is everyone else doing? Don’t just research! Get off your bum and attend performances and events. Visit other venues and make lists of changes, improvements, and innovations others have implemented. Consider whether you can top your rivals and do them one better.

  • A fresh coat of pain

Even if you’re doing everything right, don’t rest on your laurels. Update your home page or logo. When you print your own Event Tickets, you can showcase your new look by adding personalised details to the ticket. If you’ve never seriously considered branding your organisation, now is the time, and if your branding starts to look old and worn-out, consider updating it for a modern appearance.

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by ticketprinting on February 26, 2010

One of the nicest sorts of parties one can throw is a celebration in thanks or appreciation of an individual or group of people. Of course, we have all attended office parties when a co-worker leaves or retires, and these tend to be mirthful experiences, but for whom else can we express our appreciation through cake and ice cream?

How about:

  • Educators
  • Church volunteers
  • Administrative assistants
  • Helpful children
  • Kindly neighbors

For any good deed, a celebration is in order!

If the object of your gratitude has helped a good many people, you may find that it’s possible to cover the cost of the celebration by selling tickets to the event. Use social networking or word-of-mouth to determine whether there is interest in a group recognition of your guest of honor. If so, print some Event Ticket and start selling! Determine how much your guests are willing to spend per ticket to determine your budget (or your own contribution).

Then, plan a party to say thank you! Be certain to order the cake, with an appropriate message, in advance. Ask close friends of the celebrant to prepare speeches. Obtain some photographs (choosing a selection from throughout the guest’s life can be fun) and have them blown up into Posters, or turned into a slide show or Power Point Presentation. Make sure everyone knows about your honoree’s contribution, and why they deserve this celebration.

Finally, decorate the venue, lay out the food and drinks, and toast (or roast!) the guest of honor in high style.

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Self Promotion

by ticketprinting on February 13, 2010

Promoters, have you fully leveraged the power of the well-designed Event Ticket?

You’ve put quite a great deal of effort into pre-event publicity, have you not? You may have plastered the city centre with Posters and Flyers announcing your big event. You may have spread the message via social networking websites, blogs, and other online forums. Perhaps you’ve gone so far as to construct a viral marketing campaign, letting your message move underground, via the power of public opinion.

But what about your Event Tickets? If you wish to sell many Event Tickets well in advance of your event, consider how effective a beautiful Event Ticket is in terms of advertising without extending your marketing budget. Surely, you could sell a plain, boring ticket, but if you choose instead to print your own full-colour, high-resolution Event Ticket on the Internet, you will be creating 500 or 1000 tiny but effective advertisements, without the hassle of disseminating them.

When your customers buy beautiful Event Tickets for large upcoming events, they are likely to hang them in plain view, on refrigerators, bulletin boards, and other high profile areas in their homes. Friends, family, and service people who walk through their homes will notice these stunning tickets, ask about them, and learn more about your event.

So think carefully when ordering Event Tickets. Wouldn’t you rather choose those tickets that will serve your needs, not only for admission to events, but also for communicating to the world the excitement your next big promotion promises?

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To Brand or Not to Brand

by ticketprinting on January 22, 2010

Has your organisation acquired its own logo?

Your logo–a distinct design that encapsulates both the name and mission of your group–is an instant way to achieve brand recognition. The image should be striking, memorable, and often amusing. Think of it this way: have you ever seen a small child, one who has not yet learned to read, decode the McDonald’s or Coca-Cola logo (and then beg for the product)? While we can’t all hope for this degree of success, we can all develop a logo that is easily recognisable and visually describes something about our mission.

Have you any amateur artists on your staff? People who doodle in the margins of their memos? Perhaps they already have some ideas for you. If not, you may want to hire a professional artist or graphic designer. Prices will vary, but if you haven’t much money, perhaps you can barter goods or services, or else find a young artist just starting out. Perhaps you know an art student, or a colleague’s teenager with a talent for art.

Once you have your logo, you can add it to everything. Fortunately, many Event Kits allow you to upload your logo onto predesigned ticket templates, so you can customise everything associated with your organisation and your event. With proper use, your logo will soon become well-known, perhaps even popular. With the proper logo, you may even develop a side business, selling stickers of your clever logo!

If you have a logo, its easy to print it on your own Event Kits, branding all your events. Everyone will know your group is sponsoring the big event. You’ll look smart, and your print products will shine!

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All around the World

by ticketprinting on January 20, 2010

The year is 2010.

No matter where you live or how small your community, you can potentially find friends and associates anywhere on the planet. You’re a member of multiple online communities. You know that telecommuting is an ecologically-friendly alternative, and you’ve learned that you can find anything you desire, anything at all, on the Internet. If you know the joy of clicking on a picture of exactly what you want and finding that object delivered to your doorstep a few days later, you’re ready to order your Event Tickets online.

With safe payment options, you can rest easy, knowing that your information is protected and secure. With multiple delivery choices, you can relax with the knowledge that your order will arrive at a time and place that’s convenient for you. And with high-quality, low-cost ticket printing, you can customise, print, and ship the Event Tickets that help you and your sales team look smart and stay organised.

Online shopping is fast and simple. You can browse hundreds of designs without getting up from your desk. You can start printing your own Event Tickets at 3 a.m., in pajamas and bunny slippers, without bothering to shower, shave, or comb your hair. You can simplify your life, reduce your carbon emissions, and beautify your organisation’s image with a few simple keystrokes!

It’s time to make a change! If you’re planning an event for 2010, now is the time for General Admission Tickets, Raffle Tickets, Posters, Flyers, and more. You’re already online, right? Create your own tickets now.

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New Ideas

by ticketprinting on January 8, 2010

Looking to drum up some new interest for your annual events? Time to go viral! Viral marketing is the hottest way to expend your popularity and your donor list, and, amazingly, it’s the least expensive form of advertising you can imagine. All you need is one good idea and a lot of word-of-mouth publicity.

Viral marketing depends on hot, authentic concepts and works best for groups with a real message. Some commercial groups may hit upon campaigns that go viral because they’re creative and catchy, but the best viral campaigns are the ones that hit folks in the heart. Your supporters will pass on your message because it’s believable as well as interesting.

Viral video is a smart way to start. You’ll want to capture something endearing, amazing, or eye-catching. Just grab a video camera and start shooting footage of your events. If you film something you just can’t stop laughing at, add your organisation’s information to the video, post it on your website, on YouTube, or another video-sharing site, and email the links to everyone you know. If it’s worth watching, others will pass it on and your big event will receive plenty of free publicity.

If you can create an interesting printed image, this could become viral as well. Whether your organisation is popular or unknown, an eye-catching design that communicates your message can be the ticket to underground success. Print your design on stickers, distribute them to supporters, or stick them around town (make sure you are not breaking any vandalism laws). When you print up other publicity material, such as Event Posters, include your logo for instant recognition.

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