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The Printed Word

by ticketprinting on March 22, 2010

Although I work on the Internet, I live in the real world. Although most of the words I write appear as pixels on a video monitor, my favorite words are printed in ink on processed wood pulp. Indeed, I love books, and as such, I can’t help loving a book festival!

What a lovely warm-weather event! Any size town can easily host it. First, consider the purveyors of the printed word in your area: newspapers, magazine, book shops, and publishers. Most of these groups will be pleased to participate and even to sponsor the event, as it provides them extra exposure and a simple way to connect with customers. Schools and universities will likely want to get in on the fun, particularly if they have strong writing programs.

Next, you will want to contact any local authors, any authors with ties to your town, and finally, any authors willing to make the journey to your festival. Once you have firm commitments from everyone in the writing industry, you can add all the food vendors and musicians you like! Schedule book signings, public readings, and perhaps a writing contest in advance. If you plan to charge for attendance, start selling Event Tickets in advance. Or, pass them out for free, and get plenty of publicity!

Send Invitations and hang Posters and Fliers about town. Contact all the local media outlets with press releases and, if you can afford it, take out some advertisements as well. Drink Tickets, such as the one reproduces above, are wonderful incentives to encourage festival-goers to attend.

On the day of your book festival, hope for clear skies and pat yourself on the back. You’ve helped save humanity from ignorance and illiteracy, and you’ve provided a wonderful and intelligent day for book lovers everywhere.

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Self Promotion

by ticketprinting on February 13, 2010

Promoters, have you fully leveraged the power of the well-designed Event Ticket?

You’ve put quite a great deal of effort into pre-event publicity, have you not? You may have plastered the city centre with Posters and Flyers announcing your big event. You may have spread the message via social networking websites, blogs, and other online forums. Perhaps you’ve gone so far as to construct a viral marketing campaign, letting your message move underground, via the power of public opinion.

But what about your Event Tickets? If you wish to sell many Event Tickets well in advance of your event, consider how effective a beautiful Event Ticket is in terms of advertising without extending your marketing budget. Surely, you could sell a plain, boring ticket, but if you choose instead to print your own full-colour, high-resolution Event Ticket on the Internet, you will be creating 500 or 1000 tiny but effective advertisements, without the hassle of disseminating them.

When your customers buy beautiful Event Tickets for large upcoming events, they are likely to hang them in plain view, on refrigerators, bulletin boards, and other high profile areas in their homes. Friends, family, and service people who walk through their homes will notice these stunning tickets, ask about them, and learn more about your event.

So think carefully when ordering Event Tickets. Wouldn’t you rather choose those tickets that will serve your needs, not only for admission to events, but also for communicating to the world the excitement your next big promotion promises?

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Love Is in the Air!

by ticketprinting on January 29, 2010

It’s not to late to create your romantic Valentine’s Day Event Kit!

If you’re planning a big, romantic dance, dinner, or other event in celebration of lovers, get a little added publicity with a proper Valentine’s Day Event Kit. You’ve already put plenty of thought into the venue, the band, the drinks, and the appetizers. Now, how are you going to find the guests?

May I suggest a Valentine’s Day Poster or Flyer? Candy and flowers feature prominently in these sensual Event Kits, making them an excellent way to attract potential supporters or customers. Let’s be honest: plenty of men leave their plans for this all-important evening for the last minute. Make the most of their lack of preparation by inundating your city centre with notices reminding everyone where they should be on February 14th.

You want to sell more Event Tickets, and you can still place an order in plenty of time before the big night. When you want people to pay attention to you, there’s no better way than with fabulous, colourful, customised print products. Poster, Flyers, and Invitations get them interested. General Admission Tickets, Drink Tickets, VIP Passes, and even Raffle Tickets help the keep the night lively and smooth.

So start planning for a happy Valentine’s Day. It’s fast and easy to print your own publicity materials and Event Tickets online. Ready to fall in love all over again? Just browse our selection of romantic Event Kits to get started today!

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Your Own Events

by ticketprinting on January 15, 2010

It’s all about Event Tickets.

Are you a theatre manager? A music promoter? An organiser of charity balls? If so, you know exactly what I mean. Big-ticket affairs require brilliant Event Tickets. If image is everything, you can’t skimp on the images you choose. You must select something that is not only visually stunning, but meaningful to your organisation, indicative of your values, and appealing to your audience.

In short, you require a proper Event Ticket.

The easiest way to get precisely what you require is to customise and print your own Event Tickets online. It’s the perfect solution: better than a generic roll of “Admit One” tickets and less expensive than visiting your local printer. With hundreds of designs from which to choose, selecting the perfect image is assured. You can create your own Event Tickets for less money than you’d imagine, and receive exactly what you want.

You’ll look lovely, as will everyone associated with your event.

Printing your own Event Tickets allows you to take control of your image, speak directly to your customers, and attract new supporters, all through the power of fine design. When you want to look your best, print it out! Just choose a design that appeals to your, add your own event details, upload a custom image if you choose, and you’re done! Your perfect Event Tickets are printed and shipped in just a few days.

Organising your own event? It’s time to print your own Event Tickets!

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It’s Never Too Early

by ticketprinting on January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here’s a wish that 2010 is the year your organisation meets all its goals, with pizazz and ease. It’s never too soon to start planning the year’s events, even if you have only the slightest idea of what you hope to achieve. Whatever your event, whatever your organisation, there is an Event Ticket just for you. In fact, there is an Event Kit with all the print material you’ll need to publicise, sell, and bring off your event with style.

Have you regular, annual events? Perhaps the date, time, and location have already been decided upon and booked. In that case, you can begin to search for the perfect design. Hoping this year’s turnout will be quite tremendous? Why not create your own save-the-date cards? If you’ve already decided upon an image, you can choose a small, stubless Event Ticket or an Invitation template. Even a Drink Ticket may suffice.

Let the ticket template be a tool that helps you create whatever you need. If you want to remind your supporters to mark their calenders well in advance, then say so! Just print it up and send it out to your mailing list. Your group will appreciate the reminder and you’ll start selling more tickets, earlier in the season.

You’ve an entire year to plan. Get started now and you’ll find more time to relax later!

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Beyond Noel

by ticketprinting on December 12, 2009

What happens after Christmas?

New Year’s Eve

Indeed, the future is very nearly upon us, and if you anticipate it the way I do, may I suggest to you that a 2010 Event Kit is a brilliant way to start the future off right? The 2010 Classic Event Kit features a lovely design in an engraved style, and it’s available in your choice of five colours:

  • Red
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple

Choose your favourite, or mix and match. You can even colour-code your event, so that different colours stand for different levels of participation. Simplify your bartender’s night by selling Drink Tickets in advance: let different colours stand from different amounts of money. Or hold multiple raffles, choosing different colour Raffle Tickets for different prizes.

Brighten the night with colourful, customised Event Ticket printing. Are your prepared for a bright future? Share your optimism with your guests by choosing brightly coloured 2010 Classic Event Kits to keep the mood light and the party going.


Simply stunning!

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by ticketprinting on November 28, 2009

Planning a seasonal celebration? Now’s the time time to start printing your Event Tickets and related publicity materials. If Santa Clause is coming to town, make sure he gets word of your big gathering. The old fellow’s busy making a list and checking it twice. The least you can do is help him out with a clearly-worded invitation and other print materials to help everyone find their way to your door.


With lovely designs for every type of gathering, choosing proper Posters is so simple. Is your occasion to be a solemn affair? Sacred and spiritual? Do you favour festive celebrations, or need to please young people? If you want it, you can have it.



Print your own Christmas Event Tickets, Posters, and Invitations in advance. If you are selling Event Tickets, sell more by employing the power of fine design. If you are inviting guests, make sure they mark their calendar and look forward to your party with delightful images worthy to be used as seasonal decorations.

Make this Christmas one to remember. Make it sophisticated and chic, or homey and old-fashioned. Celebrate your way. Print the Event Kits that work for you!

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Join the Club!

by ticketprinting on November 13, 2009

If you’re a club owner or a promoter, you recognise the need for glitz, glamour, and glitter! If it doesn’t shine, it doesn’t draw a crowd. When you’re looking for something that really sparkles, you can always find plenty of appropriate Event Tickets for clubs and other popular venues at UK Ticket Printing. The online design gallery is full of red-hot images to inspire clubgoers!

What kind of image do you want to project for your club? What genre of music do you want to promote?

  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Disco
  • Hip Hop
  • Heavy Metal
  • Alternative

If you want it, you’ve got it!

Issuing special tickets for special events is a brilliant way to generate more buzz leading up to the big night. Brightly-coloured tickets hanging from cork boards and refrigerators are advertisements in themselves.

New venues especially benefit from special nightclub tickets, from which there are many to choose. Club Event Tickets feature colours and designs that really pop, highlighting the exciting, active, dynamic nature of your venue. Select from a multitude of designs and colours. Choose matching images in different colours to promote different events or different nights.


Ready to print your own Event Tickets? Give yourself enough time to really consider all your options. Find a proper Event Ticket every time!

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Stand up!

by ticketprinting on November 5, 2009

We’re calling it the Stand Up Comedy Event Ticket, but there’s no need to limit yourself by our labels!

If you’re flashing back to the 80s and opening your own comedy club, clearly this Event Ticket is a proper choice. But this ticket does much, much more. With spotlights and luscious red velvet curtains, the Stand Up Comedy General Admission Ticket works for any stage event!

Whether you’re hosting comedians, live theatre, or dance, anything that takes place on your stage can benefit from the anticipatory quality of the entire Stand Up Comedy Event Kit.

  • General Admission Ticket
  • Drink Ticket
  • Invitation
  • Poster
  • Flyer
  • Raffle Ticket
  • VIP Pass

Whatever your printing needs, consider the versatility of this Event Kit. You can customise it to suit your event and have your tickets and publicity materials delivered in a few days.

Fine, fast, high-quality Event Ticket printing: it’s no laughing matter!

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Just a touch of grey?

by ticketprinting on October 18, 2009

Consider the power of colour: Red, with the ability to send the heart racing; blue, with its pacific calming effect. Purple is the colour of royalty. Green has taken on a new meaning recently, symbolic of earth-friendly cleanliness. Sepia-toned images evoke a sense of nostalgia and a longing for times past, while neon colours electrify the senses.

We’ve talked before about the power of colour and how the simplicity of the modern printing process can make us forget how interesting such images are. But what about black-and-white printing?

In our electric world, the starkness of black and white printing can really stand out. The human eye is drawn to white space, perhaps as a break from the profusion of colour that surrounds us. Print publishers know this; it’s the reason we have margins around text, spaces between lines. Perhaps your message could benefit from black and white printing.

If you want your words to really pop, there are times when a fun, fancy, or distracting design is unnecessary. Black and white printing is also less expensive than colour printing, which is a consideration for many organisations. It conveys a down-to-earth sensibility, a willingness to begin with the basics and build from there. It summons the past and speaks to the future.
Picture 2
It catches the eye and then it catches the heart.

When you’re ready to print your own tickets online, consider the message you want to convey with your Event Tickets. Perhaps this event, make your stand with black and white Event Tickets.

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