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And the Seasons, They Go Round and Round

by ticketprinting on February 28, 2011

Don’t despair! Winter’s end is nearly upon us. Soon the weather will turn, the rains will end, the sun will rise, and the first shoots of new life, bright and green, will emerge to wake us from a dull, grey, lethargy. Why not make the most of this season of hope by planning your next event?

Exciting springtime ideas include:

  • Garden Party
  • Barbecue
  • Nature Walks
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Book Fairs
  • Music Festivals
  • Children’s Parties

Perhaps your organisation already holds a regular springtime gathering or fundraiser. Perhaps you’d like to start a new tradition. Either way, you can fertilize your sales of Event Tickets by planning ahead. Printing your own Event Tickets and other publicity materials online allows you to bask in the sunlight of beautiful, lush, spring-themed designed while spreading some rays of light on your supporters.

Springtime is a time of hope, and your hopes for a successful event can be realized. Begin with the proper pre-event publicity, including Posters, Invitations, and Flyers, and choose matching Event Kits with designs that express your intentions. Flowers, leaves, and sunshine all communicate the rebirth of the year. Choose matching Event Tickets, plus Raffle Tickets and other useful print products, like Drink Tickets, VIP Passes, and Gift Certificates, to complete the collection.

Print your materials online and start selling tickets to your event sooner.

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Tone Up: Online Ticket Printing in 2011

by ticketprinting on January 10, 2011

Consider the ease with which you may obtain all the high-quality event collateral you might need for any upcoming gathering. Parties, concerts, theatrical productions, and educational fundraisers all benefit from advance publicity, personalised invitations, and professionally printed general admission or reserved seating event tickets. Whether you’d like to hang small flyers or large posters, encouraging people to pay attention to your advertisements is much simpler with smart design.

All this can be yours through the power of on-line printing. Free designs accompanied by easy-to-use ticket templates allow you to select the image that best embodies your message, and then easily add your event details. Clearly stating when and where customers or fans may purchase event tickets greatly expedites the sale of event tickets!

Matching event kits, including products such as drink tickets and raffle tickets, really tie your event together. From the moment potential guests first hear about your get-together until long after the event, when they find their perforated ticket stub and remember the cohesive look and feel of the celebration, professionally printed publicity products truly allow you to create something memorable.

What events are you planning in 2011? As soon as you have the details, you can start printing your own event tickets and event kits online. The sooner you have tickets in hand, the sooner you can start selling tickets to your event!

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Oh, Christmas Events!

by ticketprinting on November 28, 2010

The time has come! For church festivities, secular gatherings, and every celebration in between, Christmastime is nearing and ’tis the season to plan events. And, whilst you are planning events, a full service ticket manufacturer can offer your party or gala a little added organisation and security when you choose a free ticket template or custom ticket to complement your event.

Whether you’re searching for an appropriate design, or wish to employ your own ideas to create a unique, personalised or customised event ticket, printing your own event tickets online is a simple and inexpensive process. Standard security features, such as individualized, security numbering, make ticket sales easier and help you track your numbers.

Print event tickets in full colour, and add a prize draw with matching raffle tickets for maximum impact. You can even choose an event kit with matching products like invitations, posters, and other useful print products. Fundraising at winter charity events has never been easier!

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Join Together

by ticketprinting on November 22, 2010

As the Christmas season approaches, your schedule may begin to fill up fairly quickly. If you are planning a Christmas event, large or small, imagine what your guests’ planners might look like in the middle of December! Printing your own event Invitations online is a smart solution for helping others plan to attend your event.

You can use an online ticket template to enter your event information, and the printer will create your Invitation and ship it directly to your home or office. You can distribute them by the mails, in person, or at group meetings. However you choose to pass them out, your Invitations will ensure that your event is not lost in the flood of winter galas, with which many find themselves inundated.

There is simply nothing like a physical reminder, to be hung where it can be seen, to help friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers anticipate your party and make a point of attending!

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The Best Tickets, the Best Ticket Services

by ticketprinting on August 6, 2010

What’s smart about UK Ticket Printing?

Professional quality online ticket printing services are on the rise, but UK Ticket Printing has the power of well over a decade of experience from which to draw. When you need your Event Tickets, Draw Tickets, and other event collateral printed in sharp, vivid colour and delivered to your door in a matter of days, they can go the job and guarantee that it’s done right.

What should you expect from a professional quality printer?

Well, professional quality, of course. Heavy-duty card stock, full-bleed ink that doesn’t road or fade. But wouldn’t you rather do business with a company that go beyond the call of duty? Consider the extra touches that can make your event run smoothly:

  • Matching Event Kits so you can look your best with designs that brand your event
  • Free designs and templates so your products don’t cost too much
  • Free image uploads so you can add your own logo or photograph to your print products
  • Booklet stapling so your sales team stays organized and can easily track progress
  • Perforated stubs on Event Tickets and Raffle Tickets for orderly entrance and prize draws

And that’s just to start. How about Customer Service during business hours, so you can talk to a real human being? Or a money back guarantee to ensure that your print job is perfect, every time? Your choice of glossy or matte finish? Coloured or white paper? Multiple delivery options, so your shipping is affordable, and arrives when you need it?

UK Ticket Printing offers all this and more!

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Holiday? Celebrate!

by ticketprinting on July 16, 2010

Summertime is outdoor time, and now is the right time to start selling Event Tickets for your big end-of-summer celebration. What will it be? According to our customers, the most popular events are:

If you simply can’t decide, your smart option is to let your fans, customers, or guests decide for you. Make the process as formal or as informal as you like. For instance, you can open your next meeting up to a vote by the general assembly. You can create an online poll on your website, where interested parties can anonymously vote for their favourite choice. You can ask a select group of members to make the decision, or you can ring up some influential voices and let those popular members lead the crowd.

Once you’ve made the decision, it’s time to book the venue (if necessary) and start printing Event Kits. Determine what type of pre-event publicity you will require. Will you advertise with Posters, or only send Invitations to a select group? When you print your Event Tickets online, you can create matching documents for VIP passes, Drink Tickets (which can also be customised for other food sales, so that those in charge of concessions need not worry about counting money and making change while a queue of hungry guests forms), and, of course, Raffle Tickets, if you’d like to earn a little extra money before the day is over.

Whatever you choose, start planning now! Make this summer the most successful summer yet for your organisation.

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Hang Them High: Posters and Flyers

by ticketprinting on July 3, 2010

Let us speak of event advertising.

Selling Event Tickets in a glutted market may seem discouraging some days, but don’t despair! In economic downturns, most people are looking for affordable entertainments to take their minds off of other problems for a time. You can help them by offering tantalizing glimpses into the magical world offered by your event. No need to force anything. You can simply place Posters and Flyers in places where potential customers can’t help but notice.

Certainly, you can spread your message online, but most of your customers live in the real world, too! Find ways to meet them halfway by providing interesting publicity in venues they are likely to frequent. Try pairing your event advertising with a proper location.

Perhaps you are putting on a gymnasiums. But don’t stop there. Think further: where else will you find your target audience? If you are opening a new nightclub, the owner of a boutique selling club clothes may allow you to hang a Poster in the shop window. Perhaps a paediatrician might allow you to hang a Flyer for a family-friendly event in the office.

Finding the appropriate design can often be a key to advertising success. Does it catch the eye? Does it appeal directly to the group you wish you attract? It may be helpful to find a focus group, some people who are interested in your event and willing to evaluate your advertising with their own eyes. Once you’ve settled on a proper design, it’s easy to print your Posters or Flyers online, and it costs less than you think.

Then, it’s up to you. Get outside and start hanging them up where everyone can see.

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Hot off the Presses

by ticketprinting on April 24, 2010

I’m quite enamored of the newest design uploaded at UK Ticket Printing. It speaks to that side of me that adores grandeur and history. It’s this fabulous Castle Event Kit! The image is based on Scotland’s Braemar castle. Red and blue pennants fly over the castle, along with a golden crown. Your text appears on scroll, and beneath that, a pair of claymores cross behind a golden targe. It’s lovely for any event in a castle, or any event that summons up the glory of an old castle.

Like all our Event Kits, it provides you the full range of print materials to give your event that complete, put-together look, including several different types of tickets (Event, Drink, Raffle, VIP), along with advance publicity materials (Invitations, Posters, and Flyers).

As you can see, this Poster, like most publicity posters, allows you to upload a number of thumbnail images. This is useful in publicising groups and individuals participating in your event, such as speakers, musicians, or artists. If your event is sponsored, you may choose to add your sponsors’ logos. It’s a wonderful way to provide extra incentive for other groups to help you out.

We’re expecting plenty of new designs in the near future, so keep checking back!

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Define Yourself

by ticketprinting on April 17, 2010

How do you define your organisation? How do you define your event?

Your advance publicity materials, including your Event Ticket, are visual cues to your guests. A proper image helps define your group, your mission, and the theme of your gathering both to returning supporters as well as potential new members.

Are your guests interested in design? The environment? Beauty? Appeal to them on the appropriate level by choosing imagery that speaks to their desires. Choose from 100s of Event Ticket templates and find the one that is most likely to capture the imagination of those who are considering attending your event, supporting your efforts, and aligning themselves with your cause.

There exists a wide gulf between a simple printed messages and a brilliant design. Even the most staid academics will appreciate the draw of a stunning calligraphic font on a coloured background. Athletes prefer athletic themes.

Don’t settle for something plain and unremarkable. When you’re hosting an event, you want supporters to remark upon your Event Tickets and other advance print publicity. Consider your audience. Make it special. Make it lovely.

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The Big Production

by ticketprinting on April 2, 2010

There is something quite special about theatre tickets.

Theatres large and small may find themselves in competition with the hundreds of free and convenient forms of entertainment favoured by modern audiences: TV, DVDS, Internet, and more, all offer digital entertainment to dazzle and hypnotize the masses. Most modern theatres find themselves scrambling to reach their audience through blogs, forums, and social networks. Selling theatre tickets is no longer simply a matter of announcing a theatrical production. You now must shout to be heard above the noise of a thousand viral videos, the din of streaming content, the roar of MP3s.

Enter your brightly coloured Event Ticket.

Even if no one is listening, you can still provide a quiet path directly to the audience’s eye. Simply print your own Event Tickets online, choosing vivid imagery and, if you choose, uploading your theatre’s logo directly to the ticket template. With a small, dedicated fan base, you can send your ticket into the world where it can do some good.

When you create beautiful Event Tickets, your tickets don’t end up in a drawer. If they are too pretty to be put away in a safe place, they will remain on view for the world to see: attached to the refrigerator or cork board, tucked under the corner of a blotter. There, they can quietly advertise your theatre to whomever passes by.

Choose a proper design and those tickets will continue to call attention to your troupe long after the curtain closes. Lovely ticket stubs remained tucked in mirror frames or saved in scrap books for years after the show has closed. For only a few pence, your low-tech theatre ticket can outlast the staying power of even the most potent viral video.

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