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London Hosts the World’s Oldest Football Competition in May

If you’re a die-hard football fan, then there’s no way you’ll want to miss the FA Cup final in London this month. The superb sporting event will take place on 11 May in the renowned Wembley Stadium, and will feature the last two teams standing as they go head-to-head after months of knockout matches.

The biggest competition in English football, the FA Cup will bring fans from around the globe to London to watch one of the most exciting events of the year.

Whether or not you’re lucky enough to have tickets to this incredible sports event, London will be bustling with loads of places to catch the game and a multitude of fans who want to proudly cheer on their team.

A Total ‘Knockout’ of a Tournament  

The longest-running English football competition in history, the FA Cup was initially held as far back as 1871. That year, 15 ‘clubs’ entered the tournament; today, hundreds of professional English teams from the Premier League and Football League compete to try and make it to the final.

Historically, the FA Cup final has been played in London’s Wembley Stadium. Unfortunately, Wembley underwent serious renovations between 2001 and 2006, and the Cup was moved to Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium in Wales during that time.

The final was brought back to Wembley in 2007 and has remained there ever since.

What makes this competition especially unique is that it’s a knockout-style tournament, meaning there are teams from all levels of competition that play to win.

Living It Up in London

If you’re not attending the actual competition at Wembley, no worries! There are plenty of classic English pubs and London sports bars that will give you a cozy spot to view the game. Not only that, but if you’re visiting London and have some down time, there’s no shortage of events or attractions to keep you busy.

If you’re a pub-owner or you want to get a group together to watch this exciting sports event, consider coming up with a sort of food and beverage deal. You could sell low-priced event tickets to really make it official.

Whatever you do, remember to have some fun while you’re cheering on your team, and we hope you have a fabulous time watching the world’s oldest football competition!


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Literacy at its Finest: The London Book Fair 2013

by ticketprinting on April 8, 2013

The London Book Fair Returns to Earls Court This Year

If you work in the publishing industry or you wish to someday, this is truly an event you won’t want to miss. The incredible London Book Fair returns to Earls Court from the 15th to the 17th of April in 2013. A global market place for the negotiation of publishing rights and a trade event to boot, the Book Fair will celebrate its 42nd year by holding seminars and bringing countless exhibitors together over three days in mid-April.

Those in attendance will have the pleasure of hearing from experts in the publishing industry in addition to participating in crucial rights negotiations and gaining the opportunity to sell and distribute content in almost any channel imaginable: print, television, audio, digital, and even film.

Large and in Charge

The London Book Fair is no small event. This literary extravaganza will host over 400 seminars and mini-events, 1,500 publishing companies from around the world, and more than 24,000 professionals from the publishing industry, representing a very wide range within the field.

It is the world’s largest spring publishing event, and it’s easy to attend. All you need to do is register, and it will only cost you thirty pounds to do so.

Registering as a visitor will give you access to the thousands of exhibitors and over 300 ‘Love Learning’ seminars and other events.

Especially for business owners or managers looking to connect with other, like-minded businesses in the publishing industry, this event is the leader in networking opportunities for the publishing field.

How to Become an Exhibitor

If you’re interested in becoming more than just a visitor in the upcoming Book Fair, you can easily find the 2011 visitor statistics in order to better understand who attends the event and what opportunities you’ll have to network and sell.

And it doesn’t stop there—capitalise on a unique sponsorship opportunity and help get your brand name out there. Sponsoring the London Book Fair will give you great exposure, prime brand positioning, and good lead generation.

With so many people from the publishing industry in town for this event, even if you don’t attend the London Book Fair itself, this is a great opportunity to host your own event in the name of promoting literacy everywhere.

Authors, bloggers, booksellers, illustrators, librarians, and many other people will have great content to share, so don’t miss your chance to promote what you do. Host your own event today!


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Bison sculpted from mammoth ivory. Found at Zaraysk, Russia, about 20,000 years old. Zaraysk Museum of Art and History. Dr Sergey Lev.

British Museum Hosts First European Ice Age Art Collection in the UK

Have you ever pondered what art looked like in the last Ice Age? How does it compare to contemporary art? What did art even mean to man 40,000 years ago? These are some of the questions that you’ll likely ask and may find answers to if you visit the British Museum in London between now and 26 May.

The exhibition called, “Ice Age art: arrival of the modern mind,” is currently showing a variety of masterpieces that were all created over 10,000 years ago.

The unique selection of pieces being displayed range from Ice Age sculptures to personal ornaments, including some of the oldest ceramic figures ever discovered in the world, as well as the oldest known portrait, all of which are over 20,000 years old.

Man and the Modern Ice Age Mind

For the first time in the UK, this fabulous Ice Age showcase presents some of Europe’s most ancient art as it was made from developed minds that were not unlike our own.

Instead of showing these pieces as archaic artifacts, they are being purposefully displayed as art, giving visitors the opportunity to consider the meaning of this art as it was produced tens of thousands of years ago by modern minds.

As Curator Jill Cook describes it, “Art is the product of the remarkable structure and organisation of the modern brain. By looking at the oldest European sculptures and drawings we are looking at the deep history of how our brains began to store, transform and communicate ideas as visual images.”

Whether or not the original meaning of this art is lost to its viewers, they are sure to be amazed and intrigued by the skillfulness and artistic talent encompassed by each piece.

When Did The Modern Mind Emerge? 

According to archeological finds in South Africa, it has been determined that the modern mind developed as early as 100,000 years ago, along with the emergence of art and certain patterns of behavior.

In order to show critical connections between artists across thousands of years, the last section of the exhibition will display works of art from famous modern artists like, Picasso, Henry Moore and Matisse in tandem with the Ice Age art.

The ability for the human mind to imagine and create works of art in order to express particular ideas has stayed surprisingly similar over thousands of years, and displaying these different genres of art together lifts the veil on the central human desire to create works of importance and beauty.


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Grab Your Longship and Get Your Norse On

by ticketprinting on February 8, 2013

28th Annual Jorvik Viking Festival Comes to York February 2013

Wondering what’s on in York this season? Well, we have some fabulous news for you. The 28th annual Jorvik Viking Festival will come to York the 16th-24th of February, and they have much more to offer than simply long beards to go with their longships.

In celebration of the fearsome Norse explorers who once ruled the land, the most massive Viking festival in all of Europe will bring the Vikings back to the place they called home over 9,000 years ago.

Experience daily events like Coppergate Camp, and learn about what life was like at sea long ago. Be sure not to miss the incredible Festival Spectacular Finale, where two Viking hordes will battle mercilessly over the spoils of the city of York.

Family-Friendly Fun

While the re-enactment of epic battle scenes may not be quite what you want to expose your little ones to, there will be plenty for the children to enjoy at the Jorvik festival. Make sure you’ve got your 3D specs on, because February 18 has a viewing of the mighty Thor in 3D.

And if you plan on attending the festival with your little guys for more than one day, there’s also How to Train Your Dragon in 3D on the 22nd, and Brave in 3D on the 20th. Whether you’ve seen these visually stunning movies before or not, the positive story lines are inspirational for kids of all sizes.

Not to be missed, 21st will feature the unique Beowulf Puppet Show by Clydebuilt Puppets.

After their infamous Myths of the Vikings show at the last festival, everyone will want to catch a peek at this interesting adaptation.

For the Adults

Adults will have their pick from a smorgasbord of thrilling events, like watching the legendary folk musician Ray Cooper who is set to perform on the 17th at Barley Hall.

You’ll also be able to take a guided tour of the breathtaking and historical sites of York including Roman foundations, Viking borders, and Civil War defences. Guided tours will take place every day from the 18th through the 22nd.

And if you can’t make it to York this year, but you still want to participate in the thrill of the Norse-lifestyle, print your own Event Tickets and throw a Viking party that’s all your own.




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Fight for Your Right to Party

by ticketprinting on January 8, 2013

UFC Comes Back to London in February 2013

Fighting can be considered a loathsome and hare-brained way to work out differences among foes, but in the case of mixed martial arts (MMA), it’s a higher calling. Since the mid-1990’s, MMA fights have gained a lot of attention from the media, and they’ve managed to round up a rather notable fan base as well.

Not only are many MMA fights publicized, they are even selling out major venues with multitudes of fans who can’t wait to watch the kicks fly and the punches roll.

London-area MMA fans have been awaiting the return of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) since UFC 120 at 02 Arena in October 2010. This time, the fight is scheduled to take place in the renowned Wembley Arena in February 2013.

UFC All Over the World

Since the UFC’s beginning in 1993, London has seen only four fights come to the local area for a true ‘battle royale.’

Garry Cook, the UFC’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director of EMEA, was recently quoted saying, “We work hard in Europe to keep UFC at the leading edge of MMA and as always our show will not disappoint our followers.”

“The UFC has seen significant international growth with nearly one-third of all live events now held outside of the USA. London is one of the world’s major capital cities and is a fitting host to kick off 2013 for the first of three European events taking place this year,” Cook also said.

Get Ready for Fight Night

The UFC has come a long way in London since the first fight held at the noteworthy Royal Albert Hall back in 2002. The upcoming February fight will be held for the first time in the fabulous Wembley Arena, near the infamous home of England’s football team, Wembley Stadium.

Not everyone will be able to make the incredible fight in person, but that shouldn’t stop you from catching it on the old telly.

Make it an official ‘fight night’ for you and your mates. Pick a local pub or venue, invite your whole crew, and print Event Tickets to really get the party started.

If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands, find event media that matches the fight theme, and keep the event organised with some nice extras, like Drink Tickets, VIP Passes and the like.

What’s left? Prepare to watch the fight of your life!


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Warm Up to Winter, Wonderland Style

by ticketprinting on December 7, 2012

Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland Inspires Warm Holiday Gatherings

With Thanksgiving out of the way and Christmas fast approaching, the fruitful holiday season is now upon us. As everyone plans their family holiday gatherings and traditional get-togethers, it’s the perfect time to scout for some extra fun things to do that you need not host in your own home.

Enter Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland in London. With a giant observation wheel, the biggest ice rink in the UK, and the all new Magical Ice Kingdom, adults and children of all sizes are guaranteed to have a blast of wintery fun.

Put Them on Ice

If you, your close friends or your family enjoy ice skating, then the Winter Wonderland has the perfect amenity to put a big smile on everyone’s face. Lace up your skates and throw on your scarf, because you’ll find the largest ice skating rink in the entire country at this festive attraction.

You could even throw together a casual gathering of ice skating-savvy friends and family and make a unique winter event out of it.

It’s Fun to be Free

Arguably the best thing about the Park’s Winter Wonderland is that admission is absolutely free.

Granted, certain attractions do require a nominal fee, but you can meander your way merrily through the Magical Ice Kingdom without spending a pound.

Kids can get their icy kicks by sliding around in the ice castle or sitting in the fancy ice carriage pulled by a unicorn. They can even get up close and personal in the lair of the famed ice dragon.

And no one will want to miss the Christmas Market or the Bavarian Village, where you can warm up with a tasty hot sausage or a traditional cup of mulled wine.

Warm Up with Friends and Family

As the Winter Wonderland won’t last forever, you’ll want to start planning your get-together post haste. Whether you bring your family, your friends, or both, you won’t want to miss all that this festive attraction has to offer.

If you like to get a little fancier but still want to keep your gathering casual, print your own low-cost event tickets and make a real event out of it.

Zippos Circus, a favourite of many families, is just one place to start. With the over 500 sculptures at the Magical Ice Kingdom, the most generous ice rink in Britain, and the huge observation wheel, fun is sure to be had by all this season!


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Why London Jazz Festival 2012 is a Great Reason to Celebrate

Festival season is far from over in the UK, as London gears up for one of its most celebrated festivals of the year: the world renown London Jazz Festival 2012.

Since its official start in 1992, the London Jazz Festival has grown to become a city-wide event that takes place every November and is recognized as one of the most important jazz events to occur the world over.

Festival attendees will enjoy ten days of the finest jazz music you can find in London, with an incredible mixture of not only British artists, but jazz artists that have achieved international popularity, as well as emerging talent from all over the world.

Crowd Pleasers

From proper concert halls to clubs and pubs, the London Jazz Festival’s programme will feature a highly eclectic mix of shows for every attendee’s viewing and listening pleasure.

The London Festival has scheduled more than thirty concerts and shows per night to be played over the ten day festival, so anyone who attends this festival certainly won’t have a problem finding a show or concert to fit their personal fancy.

With big name headliners like Herbie Hancock and Sonny Rollins, to musicians with mainstream international popularity like Imelda May and Lucinda Williams, the London Jazz Festival will cater to an incredibly diverse crowd of jazz enthusiasts.

Young and old, jazz connoisseurs and ‘newbies’ alike will have the opportunity to enjoy and help celebrate jazz in a number of unique ways. There really will be something there for everyone.

How to Jazz Up Your Own Events

As the Jazz Festival is set to attract a massive crowd with its heady mix of international artists and emerging talent, this is the perfect opportunity to host a jazz-themed event of your very own.

Whether it’s an after-party, pre-party, or just a general party for those who can’t attend the Jazz Festival themselves, celebrate the eclectic mix of music and the diverse range of people in town by putting on your own jazz event.

If you know a local jazz musician or band who didn’t make the cut for the London Jazz Festival 2012, this is a great opportunity to include them in your plans.

Organise your jazz party around the music, and let the fans enjoy jazz that’s free from the constraints of an official festival.



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How to Organise a Great Halloween Party without Breaking Your Budget

When it comes to the holiday season, Christmas usually takes the cake as the most popular time to celebrate. But, Halloween has recently become a popular holiday that people across the country are more likely to celebrate than not.

With Halloween falling less than two months before Christmas, anyone planning a Halloween party must keep Christmas in mind. Budgeting has become a top priority for most people, even in face of the most frighteningly fun holiday of the season.

How Much For That Costume?

This time last year, Halloween was reported as the UK’s second favourite holiday to celebrate, even taking precedent over religious holidays like Easter. It was also reported that on average, families are spending about 100 pounds to throw Halloween parties for their children.

Seeing as that’s NO small amount, and with consideration to rising food costs around the nation, it’s important to organise any Halloween party carefully and with your budget in mind.

There’s no reason you can’t have a ghoulish good time without shelling out a ton of cash for your Halloween party. All you need to do add a little business savvy to the mix.

Make an Event Out of It

If you’re planning to throw a Halloween party or you’re trying to plan a spooky get-together for your organisation, don’t be afraid to make it official. Making an event out of your Halloween party could be the best thing for your budget.

Instead of searching for funds that just don’t exist, consider selling Event Tickets to your Halloween party. Print inexpensive Event Tickets, and sell them in advance, explaining to your guests that once they buy a ticket, they have paid for their food and drinks for the night.

You can find tickets that feature a freaky design from an online template, or Design Your Own Event Tickets and create an image that is perfect for your freakish gathering.

Creepy and Creative

If you’re working on behalf of an organisation, think of all the free advertising you’ll come by if you design your own ticket with the company logo right on the front. That’s just one way to generate some extra funds.

Or instead of having everyone wear fancy, expensive costumes, have a contest to see who can come up with the most creative costume while spending the least amount of money.

Whatever you do, help your guests help YOU by selling quality Event Tickets to your Halloween event.

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Life at the Fringe of Society

by ticketprinting on August 9, 2012

Easily Advertise Your Event at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

As the Edinburgh Fringe Festival rolls off to a fabulous start this year, thousands upon thousands of people are swarming Scotland in order to enjoy the comedy, theatre, and musical performances that make up the “world’s largest arts festival.” This festival boasts some 2,695 shows and 23,000 performers scheduled throughout the month of August.

The Fringe Festival will continue until August 27, featuring a variety of shows, from dark comedy to serious theatre, to dance, and everything in between. This festival, combined with the International Festival of the Arts, the Book Festival, and the Royal Military Tattoo, is known to draw quite an extensive crowd.

With thousands of performers rolling into the UK to perform at the Festival and thousands of potential attendees around to enjoy the festivities, there’s only one thing missing: great event advertising!

Say it Loud, Print it Proud!

Whether you’ve got an old stage name or you’re in a new comedy troupe just starting out, you need to draw a proper crowd for your performance. And if you’re in from out of town, your normal group of supportive friends might not be able to make it out that way.

What can you do? Print up some high quality adverts for your upcoming event and post them around the area. Put up posters anywhere that you can, or pass out flyers at a popular local pub.

One good way to attract people to your performance is so hand out flyers at the end of someone else’s show. Wait until people are getting up to leave, and pass them a flyer, personally inviting them to your show.

Quality is the Key  

The key to attracting a proper crowd to your event is adding just enough colour and flavour to your event advertising. Any poster or flyer should be informative yet fun, letting the recipient know where the event takes place and when, but also enticing them into coming to see you perform.

And if you really want to get fancy, print up your own event tickets to match the adverts. This is a great way to attract people and get them to purchase event tickets ahead of time.

Make it easy for people to get event tickets when they see your poster or flyer. They should simply have to call a phone number, go online, or visit a local box office to pick up their very own, matching event ticket.


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Print Event Tickets for Your Celebration of London’s 2012 Festival

Everyone likes to have a good laugh, and the UK is certainly no exception. Comedy festivals have been and continue to be a favourite British pastime. This year, London is gearing up for several grand displays of humor to celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic games. Everything will kick off in early July, and London will be hosting the some best festivities in the world in celebration.

Many well-known movie stars, actors and comedians are scheduled to perform comedy acts this month at the London 2012 Festival. Everyone who’s anyone will want to be a part of this great Festival, if they have the chance.

Whether you’re celebrating the Olympics, heading up a festival after-party, or holding a special event for competitors, make guests feel welcome and keep your event professional by printing event tickets.

A Reason to Celebrate

Even Olympians will be joining in the giggle fest this summer. America’s Edwin Moses, Ethiopia’s Haile Gebrselassie, and Britain’s Kriss Akabusi are scheduled to take the stage at London’s Criterion Theater in Playing the Games (the performance and comedy season of the Festival).

If you can’t make it to all of the festivities, which even if you cloned yourself you probably wouldn’t be able to, why not throw a party to celebrate instead? You can easily get away with DIY (do it yourself) decorations, food, even event tickets.

Print high quality, low cost event tickets to make your occasion an event that you’re proud to put on with the other festivities.

Choose from hundreds of different online ticket templates. With so many to choose from, you’ll have the opportunity to print event tickets for almost any theme you want!

We’ve Got the Look

Whether you’re celebrating the Olympics, the Paralympics, or one of the many performances going on at the Fest, you’ll have no trouble finding the right event ticket.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for in the online ticket template gallery, you can Design It Yourself instead. That’s right, design your very own event ticket that compliments your event precisely the way you want it to.

Other event ticket templates include space to upload your own image. Think about it: you can get extra ad space just by uploading a company logo and printing an event ticket!

With so many different stars joining the festivities in the UK this summer and so many events going on, there’s simply no reason not to celebrate.

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