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Custom Tickets

Beta at last!

by ticketprinting on March 12, 2009

I’m looking at the new site for UK Ticket Printing and the new site looks spectacular! The home page is lovely and easy to navigate with all the links you may need; the product pages each feature a clear, sharp image of the ticket design so you can really see what you’re buying. We’re counting down the days before we launch.

Printing your own Event Tickets is almost too simple with the new website. Anyone from any organisation can create professional General Admission Tickets as well as Reserved Seating Tickets and VIP Passes with a minimum of key strokes (and for fewer pounds than you might think). Brilliant, posh-looking tickets are available to the smallest theatres and clubs in the UK, at a price anyone can afford.

Here’s a quick glance at some of the Event Kit products available:

  • Admission Tickets
  • Raffle Tickets
  • Drink Tickets
  • VIP Passes
  • Posters and Fliers
  • Invitations

In addition, you can find great business solutions:

  • Gift Certificates
  • Gift Cards
  • Coupons

And, if you want a peek into the future, here’s the insider scoop on upcoming products:

  • Postcards
  • T-shirts

But please do keep it under your hat. I shouldn’t go telling tales out of school, after all. I do promise to keep you updated about the launch and thenceforth on all the great new products and features we’ll be offering.

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Does this ticket make my organization look fat?

by ticketprinting on February 26, 2009

What’s in your event? If you’re like me, it’s your heart and soul. Whatever the reason for your gathering–conviviality, charity, social issues–you care deeply about the group that is to gather. You want everyone to feel comfortable. You want everyone to have as much fun as they can, or to be as productive as possible. You want things to run smoothly. You know that your events reflect on you. You want them to reflect well.

I pay attention to detail. That’s why I choose to print my own professional, affordable Event Kits. My General Admission Tickets, Reserved Seating Tickets, and VIP Passes have to look great. They speak to the success of my event before I open the doors, and I care that they speak well. That’s what I love about matching Event Kits selected for their beauty and relevance to my affair. They create a lovely and enviable sense of anticipation well in advance of the party. I can even find posters, fliers, invitations, and more publicity materials in the same design.

My tickets set the stage for my events. Yours can too. It’s easy to do a search for relevant keywords. Christmas? Hip Hop? Classic Cars? You can find what you’re looking for, and if you can’t find it, you can use your own images to create the perfect ticket, either with our DIY tool or by choosing to have a talented designer put the ticket together for you. It’s almost too easy. You may find yourself planning galas well in advance when you see all your options. You can print the right ticket faster than you can blog about it!

Who said event planning had to be a burden? Put the fun back into fund raising (or conferences and conventions, or huge social gatherings, or small, intimate theatre) with fantastic tickets for every occasion.

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by ticketprinting on January 18, 2009

Or do it for me?Either way, you know you will receive precisely what you want. That’s the inherent beauty of custom work. It costs a little more (just a little more, mind you), but you end up with exactly the right thing. If you can’t find the right design in the template gallery, don’t despair. The tickets delivered to your door can match the tickets in your imagination. Whether you chose Custom tickets or Design Your Own tickets, you’ll be one satisfied customer.

What’s the difference?

If you’re artistic and willing to spend a little time on your own design, the Design Your Own tool is for you! Choose your own colors and lay out your own text. Upload the logos, icons, or photographs that best reflect your organization or event. Add ticket stubs for re-entry, bar codes for security, or make your tickets two-sided to fit all your sponsors’ information. There are plenty of options. Bring your dreams to life! The online design tool is user-friendly and should be familiar to anyone who uses computers to work with images.

Perhaps you are not the creative type. You may have an idea of what type of image, color, text, or size you desire, but have no knowledge of layout or design. You need not worry! You’ll find custom work surprisingly affordable. Yes, you can hire your very own professional artist to create your masterwork! It’s four-steps easy.

  1. Get a quote online or call toll-free
  2. Place your order online
  3. Upload any images or files you want incorporated
  4. Approve your final design

It’s that simple! You answer 10 questions and talented designers will mock up your tickets. You have the final say, so there’s no doubt it will be right. Once your approve the tickets, they will be printed and shipped right to your home or business in just a few days.

Still not sure? Why not start out by having a little fun and playing with the system? There’s no obligation to buy your proofs. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to print perfect tickets that perfectly suit your needs.

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Remember the children

by ticketprinting on January 13, 2009

How about youth sport?If we want to encourage children to maintain active lifestyles whilst enjoying fresh air, healthy camaraderie, and friendly competition, what can we do to encourage them? Perhaps it’s only a small step, but printing tickets for children’s sport events in the UK may be a step in the right direction.

For athletic clubs and school activities, we can encourage young people to take their physical activity seriously by demonstrating that we take it seriously ourselves. Printing and selling tickets for these events is a wonderful way to help show we care and keep everyone looking forward to the future. Tickets are lovely little reminders of upcoming excitement!

What kinds of activities deserve tickets?

  • football
  • rugby
  • gymnastics
  • swimming
  • cricket
  • tennis
  • squash

Any organized spectator sport can be the right occasion for ticket printing.

Whether you’re the director of a popular sport club or an administrator at a school with a strong athletic program, you can show your young athletes that their hard work deserves recognition. Printing your own tickets lets you add a professional feel to the games. Perhaps you are merely distributing them to parents and family friends, but imagine the joy and pride on a child’s face when she sees her team name on a lovely ticket, just like for a professional sporting event.

If you are selling tickets, what better way to get noticed than brightly-colored, customized tickets? Sending your young athletes into the community to sell seats to their own games helps them take ownership of their skills. Your team, school, or organization will stand out from a crowd. You’ll raise funds while encouraging healthy behaviors.

Who knew printing tickets could do so much good in the world?

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Outside the Box

by ticketprinting on January 7, 2009

When are you goingto print custom event tickets? Any big upcoming events for your and your organization this year? Whether you want to draw a crowd or bring together a small gathering of like-minded individuals, you can tie up all your loose ends when you print your own tickets. Most likely, you can think of plenty of events that will require admission tickets. You’re going to want to run off your own special tickets for:

  • Community theatre
  • Holiday pantomimes
  • Chorale performances
  • Live bands music
  • Charity fund raisers
  • Dances and balls

Some events require security at the door, so you know you’re going to need those distinct, personalized tickets. They’re like a gift to your paying customers and to your staff, helping to keep everything organized, bestowing a sense of belonging. But I can think of loads more uses for tickets.

Most people don’t consider that customized event tickets add a little something special to all kinds of affairs, even personal ones. With hundreds of designs to choose from, you can take an ordinary invitation and turn it into something sophisticated, magical, mysterious, or exciting. Event tickets don’t have to be something you sell; they can be something you give to let everyone in on the fun that’s in store. Consider printing tickets for:

  • Children’s birthdays
  • Family reunions
  • Cocktail parties
  • Group picnics
  • Public readings
  • Boating excursions

Any time you’re planning an event to look forward to, add a touch of class by adding custom event tickets to your list. Family and friends will love hanging them on the refrigerator to remind themselves of the upcoming celebration and archiving them in scrapbooks to remember the occasion.

Can you think of any other reasons you might want to print off a short run of wonderful, economical general admission event tickets?

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Back in the day

by ticketprinting on December 15, 2008

When we were little, we weren’t allowed a lot of television (when we were little, there wasn’t all that much of interest to children on the telly, but that’s another story) and we had to entertain ourselves. We didn’t need the television anyway. On long summer days, we put on our own plays.

We wrote our own scripts, of course, and put together costumes from scraps we found in the back of Mum’s closet. Set design was left largely to the imagination, but one thing that seemed as important as the story itself was the tickets we made up and “sold” to our family and friends.

We probably put as much effort into those tickets as we did into rehearsals. Somehow, the ticket was a tangible mark of our intention as well as our audience’s. We would perform; spectators would watch. That was the deal implied by our tickets.

To that end, they had to be beautiful, appropriately decorated with dragons, princesses, knights, and castles. The ticket was the perfect symbol for our imaginations. The play was ephemeral, a fleeting thing ended as we took our final curtain call. The ticket would last.

Tickets can be like that for adults, too. Custom tickets are simple enough for even the mildly creative adult. Digital files provide the appropriate background, and modern fonts let you trumpet your event details.

Offer your fans a great promise and a great deal and put the magic back into your show. Design your own custom tickets!

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