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Custom Tickets

And the Band Played on…

by ticketprinting on January 19, 2011

Independent musicians walk a fine line between remaining true to their art and making a living from their music. You may not wish to spend excessive time on marketing, but if it’s up to you to fill the seats at your upcoming concert, methods of selling tickets to that event must be considered. If you believe in your music, convincing your fans to purchase event tickets is not difficult, and neither is finding new listeners and turning them into fans. Simply determine where you want to direct your efforts!

For instance, many small bands, once they develop some local following, find that they need not worry about excessive campaigns. A few Flyers, hung about town, in popular clubs and music stores, along with a few reminders on Facebook (you do have a Facebook fan page, don’t you?) suffice for the purpose of reminding fans about the details of the show. Let them know when and where they can purchase concert tickets and you’ll find yourself playing to a packed house.

In fact, some bands find that the Facebook notification is the best advertisement of all! If your supporters are on Facebook, make sure they can find you, and make sure to reach out to them through this convenient medium!

Selling event tickets online is another popular option. Many websites allow you to create a page for your concert, add all the event details, upload a photo, and then sell the tickets for you! Once you set up the event, your virtual box office is open day or night, and you can simply circulate the URL for your page. An automated system does the rest.

So, focus on your music, but set aside some time to consider new option for getting the word out. You’ll start selling more tickets to more events.

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All the World’s a Stage

by ticketprinting on July 30, 2010

Is your theatre poised for success? Prepared to sell even more Event Tickets?

You are players indeed, but not merely players. You are your company are so much more than puppets making exits and entrances on cue. You are pillars of the community, offering up an escape from the dull greys of the workaday world, and a portal into the brilliant rainbowscape of the imagination! Your product is a necessary element of the landscape, and ought to be worthy of the ages. In which case, your event collateral should be worthy too!

When you’re ready to start selling General Admission Event Tickets for your upcoming performance, choose carefully. There are many to choose from, but what about matching publicity? Does your chosen Event Ticket offer Posters, Flyers, Invitation, VIP Passes, Invitations, Raffle Tickets, and more, all in matching patterns, with eye-catching design and high-resolution printing? Why not?

The bard and his words are immortal, but a performer is only as good as his or her last performance. Make sure everyone sees that performance by decking the city centre with proper advertisements. Print your own information on a beautiful, professional looking poster and draw traffic toward your web site, box office, and house. Print your own Event Tickets and look great as you do so.

The fine and performing arts are too important to be given anything less than a professional publicity job. Uplift your company and your sales with proper, theatre-themed Event Tickets!

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Better to Give than Receive?

by ticketprinting on June 25, 2010

Let’s step away, for a moment from our typical discussion of how you can sell Event Tickets. Rather, let’s examine whether you may, in some cases, want to give away Event Tickets. Of course, your concert, performance, or other event is you product, and you do want to sell and make money from it, but, in the long run, you can get quite a bit of mileage from giveaway offers.

A friend of mine runs a circus troupe, and has had excellent luck offering a free Event Ticket to patrons who bring a certain number of paying guests. Clowns and other performers walk through the town on the day before the show, providing free advertisement for the circus, and offering interested parties a coupon for free admission if they convince 3 friends to attend the evening’s performance. This increases attendance exponentially! Some venues will also offer 2-for-1 deals. If you are having trouble filling seats, this is an excellent way to expand your base and encourage those who otherwise could not afford a ticket to become a fan.

If your event is to be large, or part of a bigger constellation of events, consider some form of corporate sponsorship, in which the purchase of a particular item nets the consumer a free ticket. Again, this helps to generate interest in your show and can be mutually beneficial for you and the company with which you enter into this agreement. Local businesses may be willing to work out such a deal, as it will increase their traffic.

Completely free tickets are ideal for events where there will be vendors, including food and T-shirt sales, along with corporate sponsors. Waive the cost of admission and your guests will have more money to spend on concessions, souvenirs, games, rides, and other features of the event. Or, offer free tickets to a particular group whose attendance would help your organisation: doctors for a health event, for instance. Free tickets for veterans, students, or children can also help.

Selling Event Tickets can be hard work, but giving them away is easy!

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The Intimate Gathering

by ticketprinting on February 5, 2010

Add a little extra spice to intimate gatherings with professional print products! Beautiful, high-resolution Event Kits are not simply for massive galas and celebrations. Fast, inexpensive, and easy to customise, they are the perfect solution for your own parties.

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Family Reunions
  • Seasonal Celebrations
  • Barbecues
  • Any time you want to gather your friends!

Printing your own Invitations injects an air of elegance to your party. Even a small cocktail or dinner party with a dozen guests can benefit. Imagine your friends’ amusement when you mail them a professionally printed invitation to your next Sunday brunch.

Use matching Posters or Flyers to decorate the house for childrens’ parties. If you expect many children, Drink Tickets can help keep the queue orderly for buffet style meals or desserts. Numbered tickets are another way to rein in the chaos. Simply call the numbers before each child steps up to the table. Or, if there are to be games with prizes, you can print those up on small tickets and ask the child to hold on to the ticket until the end of the game or party, at which time it can be traded for the prize. Printed tickets with names and dates also make lovely souvenirs.

Use your imagination and you’ll find dozens of uses for the wonderful Event Ticket!

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Your Own Events

by ticketprinting on January 15, 2010

It’s all about Event Tickets.

Are you a theatre manager? A music promoter? An organiser of charity balls? If so, you know exactly what I mean. Big-ticket affairs require brilliant Event Tickets. If image is everything, you can’t skimp on the images you choose. You must select something that is not only visually stunning, but meaningful to your organisation, indicative of your values, and appealing to your audience.

In short, you require a proper Event Ticket.

The easiest way to get precisely what you require is to customise and print your own Event Tickets online. It’s the perfect solution: better than a generic roll of “Admit One” tickets and less expensive than visiting your local printer. With hundreds of designs from which to choose, selecting the perfect image is assured. You can create your own Event Tickets for less money than you’d imagine, and receive exactly what you want.

You’ll look lovely, as will everyone associated with your event.

Printing your own Event Tickets allows you to take control of your image, speak directly to your customers, and attract new supporters, all through the power of fine design. When you want to look your best, print it out! Just choose a design that appeals to your, add your own event details, upload a custom image if you choose, and you’re done! Your perfect Event Tickets are printed and shipped in just a few days.

Organising your own event? It’s time to print your own Event Tickets!

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A Ticket of Your Own

by ticketprinting on September 4, 2009

Customisation You like to put your personal stamp on everything you do, and who can blame you? If you’re proud of your work, you want the world to know. And if your name, or your favourite organisation’s name is to appear on something, you want it to represent your own standards of excellence.

For this reason, we make it simple to customise every time you print your own Event Tickets. Our ticket templates all provide sample text, so you have plenty of space to construct your own personal message. Whatever you need to say, we can help you say it. Our Flyers, Posters, and Invitations all have many lines so you’ll never run out of space. Even our General Admission and Event Tickets allow to you get all the details down: time, place, cost, along with event title, organisation name, and more!

If you need a higher level of customisation, you’ll love image upload templates. Many of our Event Tickets and most of our Posters and Flyers allow you to add any image from your own computer. Adding sponsor logos ensures that your benefactors will support you year after year. Uploading photographs of speakers, artists, or musicians allows for visual recognition of your program. Or, you can choose images that appeal to you and your audience.

While you’re responsible for obeying copyright laws, any image for which you hold the rights, or have permission to use, can be the right image for you. When you print your own Event Tickets, you deserve a final product that’s perfect. Whatever you imagine can be reality when you add your own text and images to the design that sings to you!

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Event Tickets for Domestic Renewal

by ticketprinting on June 29, 2009

Is your life lacking in thrills, chills, and romance? Do you pine for glamour? Complication? A little recognition? Did you realize that you could use Event Tickets to turn your workaday moments into a brilliant parody of the good life? No? Well, allow your fabulous ticket girl to introduce you to more creative uses for Event Tickets!

Whilst cooking the evening meal, perhaps you feel that your culinary skills are unappreciated. Well, of course they are. Your family takes you for granted because you serve their dinner without fanfare. They know they will be fed if they merely show up. Make them work for their meals in advance. Sell Event Tickets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Those attempting to eat without presenting the appropriate documentation must do the washing up.

If your nightly routine involves gathering around the telly, liven up the living room by rolling out the red carpet in the hallway and selling Event Tickets to those who want a seat on the couch. Every night becomes Hollywood premiere night. Specify black tie and ticket holders will be forced to dress for the occasion or turned away at the door. If you wish, make some extra money selling popcorn.

Perhaps you are annoyed by constant interruptions at work. Print your own Event Tickets, good for fifteen minutes of face time. Your boss can’t give you a negative performance review if he hasn’t purchased a ticket in advance! When useless co-workers attempt to invade your office, simply lie and explain, “I’m quite sorry, but this event has been sold out for weeks. We simply don’t have space.”

Of course, you can still choose to design and print your own Event Tickets for traditional events such as charity fundraisers, fancy dress parties, and sporting events. Whatever your needs, UK Ticket Printing can help you create the perfect Event Ticket, with a design sure to stir the heart and the spirit. Even if that event is a walk to the park.

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In Living Colour

by ticketprinting on April 24, 2009

The choice is up to you: we may take it for granted, but the ability to create massive print runs of coloured images is one of the miracles of the modern world. How far have we come in a hundred years? For a few pence, you can print something as simple as an event ticket with an image as complex as a renaissance painting. Indeed, for a few pence, you can reproduce the painting itself.

There is something to be said for black and white printing. As inexpensive as colour printing is, black and white is cheaper still. And there exists a shadowy aesthetic to black and white, or grey scale, something artistic and romantic, historical and sophisticated. Perhaps black and white event tickets are for you.

On the other hand, there’s glorious technicolour! Eye-catching spectra! Dazzling, rainbow possibilities. Today’s technology allows for photo-quality reproduction in a small format. You can choose from hundreds of full-colour designs for any occasion. You can even choose your own images, uploaded in thumbnail as an element of another design, or, if you choose to print custom tickets, cropped to become the background of your own unique ticket.

Have you a favourite photograph, one which expresses perfectly the nature of your organisation? In our digital era, such images are easy to come by and just as easy to reproduce. You are limited only by the scope of your own imagination. (And if that is lacking, you can expand your horizons to the scope of the imagination of a talented designer!) Whatever your idea, it can become reality in a few keystrokes.

Looking smart in print is well within your grasp. Full colour tickets with full bleed printing draw that colour all the way to the edge of the ticket. Or, you can choose a white border to make those coloured images stand out even more. The choice is entirely up to you!

If you’re printing Event Tickets in the UK, you can have exactly what you want. Illuminate your efforts with bold, beautiful colour printing.

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How sweet it is

by ticketprinting on April 16, 2009

Do you look good in print? Smart consumers are impressed with smart faces. Public perception of your organisation is determined in large part by presentation, and the first image you will present to the public will be visual. If you are selling any event, large or small, your publicity materials will tell the world all about your standards.

Event Tickets are one brick in that facade. When you choose high-quality designs, you are saying that your standards are high. You expect the best from those with whom you do business, and you deliver the best to your customers. When one purchases a General Admission Ticket to an upcoming event and sees original design in full colour and high resolution, anticipation of a well-planned and executed event is heightened.

When that General Admission Ticket matches posters, fliers, invitations, and other advance publicity materials, that expectation is sharpened. Looking smashing is half the battle.

If you are the type who expects excellence, you are sure to choose excellence to express yourself. Finding a proper design is a simple way to communicate these values to the world. You can spend a few moments browsing through an online gallery and choose an image that speaks your message. You can even customise that design by adding your own business logo, or any visual file from your computer.

Print your own Event Tickets and show the world you mean business!

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Site Launch Update

by ticketprinting on March 31, 2009

I won’t make myself look like a fool by making promises I can’t keep. I know the new site shall be launched soon, but I shan’t say how soon. The date has been changed more times than Becks’ hairstyle! But April seems like a likely date.

Printing your own Event Tickets will be easier than ever once our new site goes live. Quite simply, you will be able to browse the gallery or search for designs by keyword. Do you prefer a colourful Event Kit? A ticket celebrating a particular date? Complete publicity for an event tied to a specific region of the UK? You will find it easily when you enter your search terms into the site’s search box.

Once you’ve selected the design, you can easily decide which elements of the Event Kit best suit your needs. Would you prefer to send Postcards on their own, or invitations, which can be enclosed with other materials in the envelope? Perhaps you need both. And would you prefer a larger Poster or a smaller Flier? You can decided how many Event Tickets you may need, what type of card stock on which to print them, and whether or not the booklets must be stapled together.

Entering the name of your organisation, the date, time, and price of the event, along with other details, ought to be a snap. And if you choose a design that allows image upload, our new site makes it easy! You can add any image file from your computer to ours, with the click of a mouse. It’s no different than attaching a file to an email!

Once you’re satisfied with your proofs, our new site calculates the cost of the order and helps you through checkout. Your tickets will be printed in twenty-four hours and shipped right to your door.

That’s simply all there is to it! I promise I shall post the moment we’re certain of the launch date, and you can start printing your own Event Tickets anywhere in the UK!

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