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The Story of Your Event

by ticketprinting on May 27, 2014

Do you remember your first concert?

I do. I was 16 and I saw REM. They had been my favorite band for a long time and this was at the height of their popularity. What an atmosphere – to be around that many people and to hear your favorite band playing so loud.

I still have the ticket. I’m not the most organised person so every once in a while, when I’m digging through my desk looking for something, I’ll see that ticket, or the many others I saved from the countless concerts I’ve been to, and that ticket will instantly bring back memories.

It’s powerful how a little piece of cardstock can hold that much emotional stock. But they do. That’s the power of a ticket.

Your event might not be as big as an arena concert, but it can still create powerful memories. The ticket itself is a big part of it. It’s a small token that will always serve as a reminder of the event. It might be tucked away in a wallet, a desk, or a box in the closet, but the guest will find it again someday, and they’ll instantly be brought back to that day. You’ll of course have the date and the pertinent event information. But you can also consider colours, designs, and images you want your guests to remember from your event. It’s all a part of the story you’re trying to tell.

I certainly don’t go to as many concerts as I did in my younger years, but those mementos from them are really important to me. I’ve seen my favorite bands in Europe and the US, and I try to keep something from every show. These little tickets are part of the narrative of my life.

How do you want your guests to remember your event? What story are you trying to tell?

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Planning Your Fundraiser with Pinterest

by ticketprinting on April 15, 2014

Pinterest can be a fun way to spend a few hours daydreaming about your next vacation, finding ways to fix up your house, or picking out a new wardrobe. But it can also be a useful tool in planning your next fundraiser.

If you haven’t used Pinterest before, there are some easy tutorials on the website. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes a valuable tool in your event planning. Here’s how you can plan a great event with this free service!

Brainstorm: We know what we’re raising money for. We may even know who we want at our event. But what kind of event should it be? A sit down dinner? A concert? A race? Should it have a theme? How much should we charge for tickets? Should we do a raffle? Set your timer and browse the wide assortment of user ideas on Pinterest. You may find some new ones for your charity. You can even find event checklists to help you out!

When you’re searching, you can start by searching pins, boards, or users (pinners). Make sure you search wisely and save the great info you find!

Organise: Once you have a clearer vision of what you want your event to look like, start a board for your event. As you’re browsing the web or Pinterest, pin ideas that you may want to use now or perhaps for a future event. Have your fundraising team (volunteers, staff, board members) follow your board and make it a collaborative effort.

Share: If your organisation doesn’t have a Pinterest account, this might be the time to open one. Before or after your event, help promote your charity or cause by sharing your board on Pinterest and other social media outlets. If you post pictures of the event to your blog, make sure to pin those pictures to your board. And make sure your supporters know how to follow you on Pinterest (or any other social media sites). Always post links in emails and newsletters so they can get the latest information.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time we throw an event. We all want our charities to be successful, so sharing our good ideas is key to building a good fundraising community. And who knows? Someone might soon be using your great fundraising ideas they run across on Pinterest!

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Getting the RSVP

by ticketprinting on March 19, 2014

Are you planning a summer event and stressing over the number of people who will attend? Do you live in an area where people hold off on saying yes to an event? Sending a strong, memorable message in the invitation can certainly help you nail down that attendance number, making your overall event planning much, much easier.

Create Incentives for Early RSVPs — People love to save money, even for fundraising events. Creating a tiered pricing strategy based on when guests RSVP can motivate guests to reserve their spots sooner than later. Make sure to mention this on social media as that first deadline draws nearer so guests will reserve their spots!

Send a Paper Invitation — How many event invitations do you receive by email or facebook? If you open them, how long do you look at them? We receive so many emails these days, that we’ve become accustomed to scanning them quickly and moving on to the next. But making that small investment in a tangible invitation shows so much to your guest. Make your next event stand out with a custom invitation or browse our many themes at http://www.ukticketprinting.co.uk/. Getting the right invitation can lead to a quick RSVP!

Invite VIPs Early — Inviting special guests early has a few benefits. Of course, knowing about something before anyone else can certainly make someone feel special. You’ll also be creating an early buzz about your event, which can help secure RSVPs after the first wave. Encourage your VIPs to get their friends on board and watch the guests list grow.

Use Strong, Action-Oriented Words — When writing the invitation, think about how you want your guests to feel when attending this event. Do you want them to have fun? Donate lots of money? Participate in a race? Use words that move people towards action — fun, hot, compete, celebrate, enjoy. Invoking feelings and using the right words can definitely impact how quickly a guest will act.

Event planning can be stressful. While you have your checklists, unknown obstacles can pop up any moment. Having a realistic idea of the number of guests for your event can create a peace of mind and assurance that will carry on into the event itself. Sending the right invitation to the right people at the right price can lead to event success!

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Communication Strategies for Event Success

by ticketprinting on January 6, 2014

With so many different ways to keep in touch with your donor base, sometimes it can be overwhelming for a non-profit to know the best way to reach out. According to Miratel, many organisations don’t have a strategic communications plan in place to keep their donors in the loop. But with a little planning, you can keep your organisation in front of your supporters so you can have a successful event.

Who’s Going to Do the Work?

So your organisation has your events planned for the year. Now you need to figure out how to publicize them. If you’re lucky enough to have marketing staff, your question is answered. But many non-profits depend on patching together fundraising and program staff in order to get the work done. If this is the case, be specific in delegating tasks to different staff members. Utilise volunteers to get creative ideas and do some of the dirty work.

What Formats Will You Use?

  • Email Newsletters – A newsletter can succinctly bring a lot of news to your donor base. Keep your articles short and sweet and include links where they can RSVP to events or donate directly.

  • Direct Mail – Many organisations still depend on direct mail to solicit donations throughout the year. Getting an invitation in the mail to an event can be a fun surprise for a donor.

  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram….the world of social media keeps expanding and changing. Integrate  these tools so your donors will see your message, whether they use Facebook or Instagram. Send a teaser message once you have the date and place determined. Sending out frequent reminders with easy links to RSVP. Asking your supporters to like your posts can help them and others see your posts on their news feeds.

  • Blogs – Reflecting on your events with a blog on your main site can be a nice way to keep a memory of the event. Post pictures and highlights of your event. Remember to include how much money you raised and who will benefit from the funding.

How Often Will You Communicate?

Keeping a calendar will help your organisation be deliberate and thoughtful in communicating with your supporters. Send out invitations about six weeks before the event, with frequent electronic reminders leading up to the event. Don’t forget the follow-up thank you note! Stick to your plan for successful events throughout the year!

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Resolute: Start Planning Now

by ticketprinting on December 6, 2013

Every man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with a fresh page. ~Henry Ward Beecher

December is a lovely time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions.

Wait, you’re thinking. It’s still December. Can I not celebrate Christmas before turning my thoughts to the New Year? Of course you could, but if you’re truly serious about making a change in 2014, why wouldn’t you start planning now? You wouldn’t wait until the day of the event to start planning a party, would you? The best events require months of forethought, and if you want to hit the ground running on 1 January (OK, 2 January if you’ll need some recovery time after New Year’s Eve) you should have a plan in place before ringing out the old.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, about 80% of us fail to follow through with our resolutions, which is about the success rate you’d expect for a big event you threw together the day of. How big are your goals? The more you wish you achieve, the more you’ll need to set up in advance.

For instance, if you resolution is to work out more, it makes sense for you to start researching how you’ll accomplish that now. If you’ll be jogging, you better have a pair of well-fitting, comfortable trainers in your closet before you begin. If you plan to join a gym, it’s best to figure out which one suits your needs so you can jump right into your new program at the beginning of the year, not just start looking for a perfect fit.

Those who resolve to eat healthier should broadcast their intentions. How will you start 2014 with a healthy diet if your house is full of cream biscuits and family-sized bags of crisps? Convince yourself you’ll succeed at your new diet by cleaning out the pantry and replacing junk food with fresh fruits and veg as soon as Boxing Day ends. If you’re dependent on fast food and prepackaged meals, now is an excellent time to figure out where you will learn how to cook. If you can’t afford classes, make sure your family know that cook books are on your wish list.

Want a new job? A clean house? A perfect holiday? Amplify your anticipation and ensure a greater degree of success by starting to prepare now. Update your CV, teach the kids to run the dishwasher, begin searching for the perfect travel plans. Start now to collect early on the promises of the new year.

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Celebrating Christmas 2013

by ticketprinting on November 11, 2013

Whether your perfect yuletide involves extensive planning to gather the extended family, who will all enjoy roasted chestnuts, mulled wine, and a visit with Father Christmas, or includes a plastic tree and a frozen pizza to best maximize relaxation and enjoyment, it’s not too soon to start looking ahead to the most wonderful time of the year. From A Christmas Carol or The Nutcracker to the simplest kids’ panto; parties for scientists, oenophiles, or animal lovers; posh festivities at comfortable hotels or period reenactments that involve straight-laced costumes and chilly caroling, everyone should have ample opportunities to enjoy the spirit of the season.

Put yourself in a festival mood by unleashing your own joy in giving. Of course, you could avoid the crowds and finish all your holiday shopping online in a fraction of the time it would take you to visit all the shops, but many people enjoy the cheerful atmosphere of the leisurely shopping experience. Just don’t wait until the last minute! For the greatest possible pleasure, why not start your search for the perfect present at an authentic Christmas Market? With many local venues to choose from, there’s a good chance you’ll find one close to home.

Keep yourself in a merry mood by enjoying the perfect music to suit your outlook. Many local radio stations will help, or you can find a live stream of Christmas music online to satisfy yourself at any time. Enjoy your favorite songs and help out a worthy cause at Radio Christmas. Or, simply brush up on your favorite carols so you’re ready to spread Christmas cheer wherever you go, regardless of whether or not you have a device and a signal!

As the big day approaches, consider throwing your own parties, or seeking out events in your area to help keep your momentum going. Take the family ice skating and enjoy some hot cocoa afterward. Stock up on firewood and deck the halls with boughs of holly. Stay on track with your community by attending the most magical Christmas lights switch-on in the area or take your kids into the city for myriad events to please every taste.

However you choose to prepare and celebrate, make Christmas 2013 your most memorable ever by planning ahead and letting your own spirit shine as a beacon for those around you who might need a little extra help embracing the delight of the season.

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Palate Pleasure: The 2013 London Restaurant Festival

by ticketprinting on October 4, 2013

Fill Up at the London Restaurant Festival This October

Foodie-frenzy is in full bloom this month with the London Restaurant Festival set to run from 3 – 21 October. This city-wide festival is all about eating, and incorporates more than 800 restaurants in London, as well as including a diverse variety of events held at unique venues across the city.

The festival is designed to help increase the notoriety of the establishments who contribute, and also aims to pay tribute to the satisfaction and sustenance that you can seek from London’s top-notch restaurants.

The Gourmet Odyssey is one of the most popular events at this festival, as it takes guests on a journey to three different restaurants where they will enjoy a course at each.

The two main components of the festival will be the events and the festival menus. The only question now is, are you ready to eat?

Your Ticket to London’s Top Eats

During London’s Restaurant Festival, you can get access to special food presentations meant only for the fest by booking the Festival Menu in advance. Prices are reasonable, and some start as low as 10 pounds per person! That’s a pretty fabulous deal when you’re able to attend some of London’s best restaurants.

The range of restaurants to choose from are many, and they all have their own particular attractions. Top chefs will design made to order, multiple-course meals for your to spoil yourself, your friends, and your family with.

From Michelin Stars to simple fun, the London Restaurant Festival has something to offer everyone.

Book a table by going to the website, and make sure you don’t miss out on your opportunity to fill up on the best food you’ll find in the capital.

The Culinary Craze

Food seems to be all the rage these days. Why not capitalize on it while you can? Consider throwing your own food-centered event in the wake of the London Restaurant Festival.

Whether you run a charitable organisation and need to raise some extra funds, or you’re an event-planner looking for great ideas, food can be a fun and satisfying way to make or break an event.

Your event need not be a festival of sorts, but you can make it more official easily by selling Event Tickets, sending out matching Invitations, or even keeping your event more organised with Drink Tickets or VIP Passes.


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The London Mela Festival Celebrates South Asian Culture This Summer

Summer is upon us and the days are filling up fast, but you’re still looking for that perfect summer festival to get you and the family outside and enjoying the fresh air before it’s too late. Something unique, full of culture and entertainment, with activities that the whole family can appreciate. Well, don’t fret! We’ve found the perfect summer festival for you to attend this year, and you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s coming to London on Sunday 1 September.

The London Mela Festival is a dynamic celebration of South Asian culture that includes everything from children’s activities to live music and art, all set in the serene and expansive outdoor location of Gunnersbury Park.

The best thing about this festival? IT’S FREE!

Free At Last

Sometimes it seems like nothing comes free in this modern era we live in, but attendees of the London Mela festival will be singing a different tune come 1 September. With free entry for you and your whole family, the London Mela boasts five stages and nine different ‘zones’ which will be host to an incredible variety of South Asian music, including contemporary, classical and up and coming genres.

Come enjoy live dance performances, a thriving outdoor market with craft tables and other unique exhibitors, gourmet food from the world over, and even a circus.

Whatever you do, just make sure you stick around for the festival’s grand finale that will feature a fabulous theatrical firework show.

It’s all About the Perks

Talk about benefits! Not only is the entertainment-packed London Mela festival free, you can even get some nice extras just for joining. Keep up with last minute changes in the line-up when you download the free app, or take a stroll through the beautiful tree-lined footpaths and visit the museum at Gunnersbury Park while you’re there for the festival.

The London Mela festival is rumored to draw some 55,000 people each year with its amazing diversity in everything that is South Asian. From Bollywood figures to sports and comedy, as well as DJs and experimental music, this festival truly has something for everyone.

There will even be a fashion show for all the trendy and fashion-minded attendees that will feature generously donated second-hand gear and savvy, up-cycled clothes.

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How the UK Gets Down for Sidmouth Folk Week

Have you plans to attend a festival this summer? Are you looking for an event that has family-friendly activities, camping, as well as a diverse line up of live shows? Well, look no further! The first week in August will bring you the annual Sidmouth Folk Festival located in the East Devon regency coastal resort. This sea-front festival is not to be missed by anyone who enjoys folk music, dancing, intimate live sessions, or unique workshops.

From 1955 up until present day, Sidmouth has hosted an annual folk festival the first week in August that attracts thousands of attendees with the incredible line up of fabulous events and live performances.

The town of Sidmouth will come to life with music and dancing for the week, and from the streets to the stores, festival-goers will be seen enjoying their incredible experience to the fullest.

What’s to Know about Sidmouth

Sidmouth is no ordinary festival-hosting town. Nestled next door to the sea, Sidmouth is surrounded by natural beauty as well as a variety of cultural attractions. With red sandstone cliffs and the rolling green hills of the Sid Valley nearby, it’s a delightful area to explore for any outdoorsy type.

Or, if you’re more of a city dweller and would rather spend your time shopping and browsing the streets, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that Sidmouth houses an array of old-fashioned shoppes, like grocers, butchers and bakers, and of course, jewelers.

Once you’ve shopped until you can shop no more, you can soak in some sun and take a rest on the beach, making this a rather perfect spot for a summer music festival.

What Can I Expect at Sidmouth?

From major concerts to small performances, Sidmouth Folk Week promises to deliver “something for everyone,” at their festival. Did we mention ceilidh dancing and live roots parties? How about masterclasses for the young ones, and plenty of other family entertainment?

If that sounds like an absolute blast to you, you’re probably right! Sidmouth Folk Week seems like the perfect summer festival, but don’t let that hold you back from your dreams of planning your own event.

You could put on a summer festival to rival all other festivals with a little know how, some strategic event planning, and a few generous sponsors.

Take a tip from the folk festival pros, and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to planning your very own festival!

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The UK Celebrates the Queen’s Coronation with Unique Festival

A truly special way to mark the 60-year anniversary of the Queen’s coronation, the 2013 Coronation Festival will include an incredible four-day celebration spanning from 11 to 14 July. Not only is the Coronation Festival set to honor Her Majesty over four glorious days, but it will also showcase the work of over 200 Royal Warrant holders, featuring their particular crafts, innovations and designs.

Held in the fabulous Gardens at Buckingham Palace, the Coronation Festival will include both the daytime festival spreads as well as three wonderful evening gala events.

In celebration of the development of the UK’s performing arts over the last 60 years, famous musicians, an orchestra and a ballet company will all perform at one of the series of galas over the three nights.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

As the Coronation Festival is open to the public, you can join the daytime celebration for only 30 pounds per person (children under 3 can get in free). If you can afford it, attend one of the evening galas for 90 pounds per person.

With some of the finest foods and drink available in the UK at the festival, you’ll be able to enjoy coffee in the morning, afternoon tea, or create your very own hamper with items you’d like to try.

Not only can you sample different gourmet items, you will also be able to purchase them in addition to watching experts show off their unique ‘foodie’ flair at the Tastings and Demonstration stage.

How to Plan it All Out

To ensure you, your family, and your friends all have a great time at the Coronation Festival, it is best to plan out which days you’ll attend, how you’ll get there, and what time you’ll arrive in advance. No reason to leave everything until the last moment. Plan ahead!

If you can’t spare the extra pounds to make it to the royal festival, don’t fret. You can always plan your own event, invite people you know, and celebrate the Queen’s coronation the way you wish.

It might be a nice way to celebrate like a royal without spending money like one. You can find a low-cost ticket printer for event tickets, and print reasonably-priced posters or flyers to advertise your event.

All you’ll need to do then is charge a nominal fee for your event, but that’s guaranteed to be less money than a ticket to the Coronation Festival!

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